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Left career of 30 yrs, how do I start a web business where I sell my paintings, jewelry, drawings. I'm not web savy. Answered



Etsy and eBay are probably the biggest names, but there are a bunch of alternatives.  There are also sites specific to selling artwork rather than arts and crafts generally.  There are also loads of articles written on how to sell arts and crafts online and how to use Etsy to its full advantage.

If you already have a name for your company, go ahead and buy the domain that's most appropriate.  I use GoDaddy because they're pretty darn cheap.  You might not use it right away, but it's good to have one secured.  If you're feeling confident and have arranged for server space, you can use Joomla! for creating a website.  You can probably pay a high school kid to set up a website for pretty cheap.

Start a blog.  I use Blogger, but you can also use WordPress, LiveJournal, and a whole bunch of other ones.  Blogger's great because Google seems to favor sending people to blogger posts from what I've noticed, but it has its short-comings.  I'd use WordPress if I wasn't using Blogger.

Get on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and various other networking sites.  You want a lot of people to know about you and to have lots of scattered links going back to your retail shop.

I see a lot of sellers on deviantART as well showing off what they've made and linking back to their retail shop.  deviantArt also offers the option of selling prints through their site, and there are a few other sites that offer a similar option such as Cafe Press.

If you want your own website for extra exposure, contact a local college and get in touch with the programming dept.  Find a senior student who will help you with it.  That can be very good for both of you.

As as ebay, you could try Etsy - it's a site that people go to with the specific idea of buying art and craft projects.

Hmm, use something like Ebay - choose good keywords, describe well and give good service. You've got people looking there, it's hard work drawing customers to a site of your own (esp. if you're not web-savvy) - go where the customers already are.