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Legend of Zelda Props? Answered

Anyone know what Legend of Zelda stuff i should make? i want it to be easy and not too much time to make


For making Link or Zelda items look for cardboard boxes of different textures for wood and anything that is shiny,like bottles and orbs try doing some window shopping and you can probably find fairly equivalent items to what you are looking for, this also apples for clothing and such, if it is not the right color just tie dye it or, put water in the container and some dye. when you are using cardboard don't leave it bare, cover the ends with something like duck tape, this will improve the shape and the time the item will last. when it comes to attaching objects use super glue or tape. Also look on ebay for the items you want, you may want to spend some money on those real life examples.

well im just makin them for the fun of it so i probably wont spend money unless its for halloween or something like that but thanks

The Iron Boots and the Clawshot.
For the boots, you could use the Instructable for the totally cool cardboard Transformers costume.

havent played that game cuz i dont have a gamecube or a wii but my cuzin has a wii and twilight princess and he lives right across the street from me so ill probably be able to play it sometime, but thanks for the pictures i wanna make the hook with knex mabey

Make his sword.

yeah im still thinkin about how to do that ill get back to you

Card board. Draw out the sword, then cut that out, trace it, then cut that out, hot glue the two pieces toghether, and wala, you have links sword.

3 or 4 peices woud probably work better, or that instructable on makin a sword, the one were the guy made sting from lord of the rings but the tutorial can be used to make any kind of sword