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Lego Creations Answered

I came across not one, but two very cool Lego sculptures. The first is a perfect rendering of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye, one of the most famous houses in architecture. Make sure to check out the original pictures of the house along with the Lego reproduction if you haven't seen the house before.

The second is a must-see for all Star Wars fans: a nearly 4,000 piece, $400 dollar Lego Death Star diorama. It comes complete with Lego-ized versions of all of the major characters and depicts 14 scenes from the IV and VI. Bad news for all you Jar Jar Binks fans, though: Lego Jar Jar is not included in this set.

Villa Savoye via Make

Death Star


thats cool. I don't have any idea what its called but a kid in my class in 3rd grade brought in this huge starwars ship... it was about 3 feet long it was huge! he said there was over 12,000 pieces in it! I was amazed that someone has the patients to do all that.

Star destroyer, it only has about 3000.

oh... If you can tell me what color it was I could propably say...

ahh... perhaps the star destroyer thats the only ship I know of that that is gray and uses lots of pieces.

hey man this is awesome i will never be able to build like this

I said this before. i think i'm gonna say it again. The things you can do with legos.

nice...it would be better to have more than one!!!''''' though...

It would be cool to make a giant ibles robot out of lego

A few LED's and electronics and one could make that spectacular Death Star "really light up" :-) (or add MindStorms to it)

DAmn I wish I could favourite forum posts.

tyhis is awesome I love when people build things like this out of legos I wouldn't be able to do that.

I'm suddenly becoming interested in lego again. The house is fantastic!! The Death Star just looks like a random collection of different scenes though. It still looks awesome. If I had the pieces I would have it.

I don't remember where I saw it but someone made a Statue of Yoda out of Lego's! It was really cool

And I was looking around that website and founs this one.

Isn't he cute, I can't wait for the movie!!

Lego Wall-E

oh my god the battleship is SUPER AWESOME

People that can make these amazing things with Lego's is beyond me.
Very nice house and Death Star! 3,800 pieces?!? He called it....


That is great, I'll have to use that one!!

I found this for all the Browncoats! Shiny!

Legos Serenity