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Lego gun Answered

there has been alot of k'nex gun instructables but no lego guns. i was just wondering if someone could try to make a functional lego gun and put a post on it?


ok first, thanks to dammoonnm for the link to the site, one of the people there had an idea to have the round fired like a normal rubberband gun, but the rubber band hits a bullet and fires it and the band stays in the gun.
on with the idea
here is a pic
brown - hammer
green - trigger
blue - firing pin
yellow - rubber band
red - bullet
purple - barrel
black - springs

the hammer is cocked, and when released by the triggerhit the spring loaded firing pin, and releases the rubberband into the bullet. the rubber band is held in place at the end of the barrel. i'll go build a prototype in my room, be back later!

well all the guns i made didn't work, sorry i didn't post this until now, but i got a third motor for christmas so i'll try to make sumtin with motors to fire it

I made a crossbow with a trigger out of lego. Plan to write an instructable on it. I made 2 versions, one with a peg as the trigger and one witht the trigger out of lego. Hopefully i'll beable to make something better soon. (ie. shoot-shoot-shoot-shoot-reload-shoot-etcetera, not just shoot-reload-shoot)

i wanna build a lego crossbow that works better than the one i made a while ago... i have a vid of it!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS77wEpX9dA

Okay, I've started making an intructable for my crossbow. Expect it within the week. It'll hopefully (fingers crossed) have a video of me putting it together aswell as shooting it. Just to make it even easier to understand. :)

I've made some improvements to it since before the post when you said "POST IT" x4 Like instead of using elastic it uses rubberbands, with room for more rubberbands, i can shoot a lego target (i made) with a 6x8 hit area from about 10-15ft away (or about 4 meters)

i also made a lego gun =O it don't shoot far but it's cool
the trigger isn't stable at all tho

Well encoding and editing my video is taking longer than expected.. So, uh, sorry about not releasing it yesterday, but it's a definite release today. Posted @ 2:17am

A lego gun sounds cool, my crossbow has a trigger, but the trigger would only work for a crossbow. Any pictures?

I'm just waiting for my for my battery to charge for my camera (old one died like 2 days ago :( )then ill take a video of me assembling it, then i add the pictures and publish it. So it will be finished, TODAY!

Hey Is your instructable collaboratable? Because if it is I think I could help you. If you accept my offer send me an email: zombiebum@hotmail.com


11 years ago

www.brickgun.com has lego guns the have working parts bt dont shoot anything.

Go to mocpages.com and go to technics. they have lots of lego gun ideas. Just ask them to email the instructions to you.