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Less then 2 yr old flat screen - has died....I believe... Answered

My 17" Gateway flatscreen went blank this morning while I was at meeting. My wife claims she didn't do anything.....that it was blank when she saw it.

It was not in sleep mode, nor was a screen saver on. I noticed the "power button" which is normally green (power up, with computer signal) or amber (powered up w/out signal), would not come on. I attempted to see if any of the adjustments on the side might have been bumped, no effect.
I tested to make sure there was power from the surge protector (switched power outlets after a shut down) to no avail. After my 4th reboot, I subbed in my old monster sized 17" CRT tube monitor, and it works fine. Resolution is different, but it works.....but that pushed the monitor about 2 feet closer to my nose then I would like (it is about 10 inches from my face. )

Did I miss anything as far as testing the monitor before replacing it? I personally think the PSU in the monitor went on the fritz, but I am open to suggestions.

The old CRT is now back ni it's storage area, and the newest LCD screen is up and running.


UPDATE: the Power supply inside smelled a bit and was quite darkened around 2 transformers, and a capacitor bank......I suspect the power supply got "spiked"....

. If you don't have a pilot light, you may have blown a fuse.

You mean an internal fuse I assume? Since all the other perifrials (and the computer itself) being on the same circuit, remained on

. Yeah, internal. And it probably won't look like what you and I are used to. :( May have to look for "F1" printed on the PCB.

Some common shapes are flat red SMT brick with 1x1 or 1x5 etc written on it (the x looks more like 2 overlapping A s) or about 7mm orange part tht looks like ceramic capacitor with similar marks on it

I have seen some pretty weird looking fuses already :-) some that look like SM caps, some that look like odd looking transistors...etc. One like this is very common....


Hmm, it looks like a transzorb...

well on the outside you can see it is rated for 1/8 AMP (1/8A)

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He seemed strangely serious about the phrase...

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Did the internal fuse blow?

Oh, can I have your space-eating CRT? So I can make some more high voltage? :-)

Haven't gotten "inside" yet....I have tested the LED behind the buttons, and the button functionality and all that works so far. Next, a few tests on backlight and (internal) Power Supply

This is the exact same thing that happened to my 19 inch monitor. One minute it was working, the next minute the screen was black and wouldn't turn back on. The monitor was only 7 months old. But, the manufacturer was kind enough to replace it, no charge.

yeah, mine was 2 months out of the extended warranty :-(

Ok, I have verified that the switches were working, and the LED behind the switch is working.....now I have to take a little time and see what the problem was. (my wife says she will shoot me if I find out nothing was really wrong with it :-0

. If worse comes to worst, I have a spare bedroom. heehee

Oh I am sure there was/is something wrong with it (and if I can't discover what it is, something will be wrong with it ;-)

it is one of the few advantages of having a non-techie, non-geeky wife :-) "yeah dear, the BIST failed in the main driver IC and that caused the backlight to overload and burn out....poor design obviously" ;-)

well, depending on the quality of the LCD and how long you have it on every day (do you leave it on all the time?) it might just simply burn out after a couple years. What I don't get is why they don't put the power supply as a seperate unit?

Yeah, this was an internal supply. After a bit of debate, we went out and charged one (a StarLogic) monitor, because that CRT in my face was impossible. yes, we left it on all the time
The new one has an external PSU

whenever you arn't using your LCD (scuh as when the computer is off or noone's around) just turn off the LCD, it'll double it's lifespand.

Well, the computer is on (except during storms) all the time too. Anyways, I will have to give that a try, since Sleep mode and the "blank screen saver" are not really computable with my current setup :-) the blank screen save is still on anyways

Shine a blight light on the screen while playing a movie. If you can see movement you know its the backlight (ccfl or inverter)

Would the Power indicator LED go off if the had gone?

no, that would still work. The inverter is like a ballast for a florescent light. Did you try shining a light on/ in it? Keep messing around with that

No, I get no light from the Power on LED. There is power at the plug, but not where it needs to be :-)

open it up and reassemble it. It might be loose or the power supply might have failed

Yes, That is precisely what I will be doing....tomorrow.

Rip it open and look at the insides. The vast majority have 3 boards, One power, One Backlight and one for the LCD itself. I'd say something on the power board has blown.

I believe it is the power supply too. And since I can not get any response from it, I will have to (out of curiosity) rip it open :-)

Maybe it overheated. Have you tried just letting it sit for a day and then plugging it in? Just a thought...

Well, even if that is the case, something it wrong with it. And it appears to be the PSU, nothing else makes much sense to me.