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Let Er Rip guys. Answered

I just put a new Forum up on my server. I want to see what it's breaking point is and also would find it handy to get ANY feedback from it, I know there will be a couple things astrew on my forum, but for the most part it's your average SMF forum, with a little bit of work done to it to set up the settings to my likings and changed the theme.

I know there are a malicious few that will stumble across my forum link (not necessarily members on this website), but I welcome the testing of my server's security, as I also need to know of any leaks.

Also, aside from the testing aspect of my forum, I welcome new users, as I would like to have a user-base of more than 5-6 people, just makes things more exciting ya-kno? I plan to make computer utilities accessible to members and guests, however all other downloads are off limits to guests, you must register, although I haven't really got much to download, there are a couple things to see in there so far.

I thank any one of you's who takes time to look this over for me.

However, don't try any funny stuff with my ftp access or the rest of my system, as it's set up fairly well and tight and you'll most likely get yourself automatically banned, the Apache, mysql, and php however, I do not think are completely secure, like I said, do test it out.


What? No one wants to try out my forum?? Apparently I just look like im trying to advertise my website on here, hence, no one replying. Rest assured there's nothing to advertise on that site, It's a blanker, and im testing out the features of it.

Check back again, I suppose I forgot to mention that it does come down for repair once in a while.

Oh yeah, not to mention the Fu****?* hydro went off like 4 times yesturday, and my server is set up to not come back on after a power outage (I suppose I should have a UPS). But being all the computers I have hooked up, I try not to have them all come on at once (biggg surge)

you can set them to wake on lan and set one to come back and wake the others but to save electricity i suggest to choose one computer (preferably pentium 3 and older or core duo and newer) and not have others running all the time

Well, that for a minute, I thought was an awesome idea, but I just remembered, our outages around here are a little abbrupt. It usually comes back on for like 10-15 seconds and then go off again for an undetermined amount of time. I've often thought about wake on lan, just to have it set up so I can power up a machine without having to go turn it on. I have the network cards that will support it, but I would need a good handful of Wol cables. If you want an idea of what I'd want to be able to boot on my network: One ibook g4 One pentium 4 2.66 avi encoding rig One AMD sempron 2.0 One Celeron 2.0 (My server, that's a must to have WOL) One PIII 550 One PIII 1000mhz One R51 thinkpad (is wireless WOL possible???) One B&W; G3 (built in ethernet prolly has wol?) I have 2 more older AMD K6 machines I want to put on the network (answering machine services and the other one? PRolly just to heat my room)

try to move as much as possible into one box and run only it all of the time i rarely leave a box on all the time and if yes its a 500 mhz pentium 3 or a pentium mmx you can use cdrom audio cables for wol. just move the 3 wires to adjacent holes and stich it on the 3 pins in the hader in the right direction use a fridge protector on the computer. it has a protection that waits few min before powering up ater a power failure

Oh, that's a great few ideas you have there, and yes, I have oodles of cd rom cables. What do you mean by put them all in one box and run all the time?

i estimate power use of computers without monitor as

P1 / PMMX 30 - 40 W
P3 50 - 80 W
P4 100 - 140 W
laptop 20 - 30 W
box with AMD cpu = 1.2 - 1.5 X equivalent box with intel cpu power use
box with celeron = 0.9 X box with equivalent pentium

see what amount of boxes running and what boxes are sufficient

Well right now I only need 2-3 computers running at a time, but I've been running my other machines to heat my room up (it's F-in cold at night bro) I want to cluster my spare computers, but I have no idea what I could even do with them that would benefit me, I don't need to render 3D scenes and i dont need to research cancer proteins.

TOR megaserver ? computers really heat up rooms. but the network cable clothesline over the crt monitor is the best

Hmm, I've often thought of using TOR just on my regular computers, but I know there will be a latency introduced into my download speed if I do. I have internet through a small company ISP (they don't operate an office anywhere else in the world), they don't bug their users about warez related stuff, so I've been pretty safe, and I think I will continue to be until they start to monitor stuff, but I doubt that at all. And yes computers can heat up, I have 4 towers sitting powered on, on my server rack right now, and while only my server and one other one is actually under load, I know if they all were under load, my room would heat up like a sona, literally. Clothesline over the crt would work well, but I wouldn't try it, considering you would get water in your monitor. Did I mention, lcd's make a fair piece of heat while they're turned on.

i used to dry dripping water shirts by placing them right on the monitor and nothing happened ecept overheating monitor from blocked air (some1 said xbox and towels ?) i had the monitor make smoke for another reason - therre were small ants getting into it and electrocuting. i cleaned them away and it worked for many years. it actually works untill now and has excellent focus. that 1995 mag is a hardcore one heat from lcd is not close to heat from crt. the 2000s flatrons seem to be ultra hot

I will agree, the old CRT's can take a good beating and keep kickin... I have one that my buddy replaced for me after his AMD K6 machine he tried on my ancient 13" (1992 era) monitor, it somehow blew it (worked fine until he tried his computer on it, I suspect that it drove it at a resolution the monitor couldn't handle and being the age, there's no protection for that). It's a 17", and has good picture, digital controls, has to be 1996 at least. The only problem is that the power supply is going (I'm asking about this because you sound like you might know something). The screen wobbles sometimes (when the power supply is making a noise) and it also makes whining noises at certain resolutions (although standard res's at or below 1024x768). I find that the sound clears up faster if I run it at 75hz instead of 60hz. It tends to need to heat up, but once it's been running and the image has stabilized, it will continue to work sans a problem. I'm using it for my server right now, but being it only comes on for a few seconds at a time when the server has a boot issue or such, I think it's hurting the power supply. Can I replace something? New cap's in there?? If it needs time to stabilize, I would assume this is a charge holding capacity issue in the power supply?? I'm rambling tho cuz well this is what, my 5'th beer almost gone? But yeah, CRT's are still as good as lcd, they're high definition CRT televisions, yet because they're based on the same technology, many people think that they are no better than having your computer hooked up to a 1950's b&w; tele. And yes 11010010110, LCD DO make heat, when they're a certain size. This 32" I have, I found makes an scary amount of heat from the backlight tubes. It has a setting for backlight power, I keep it at 25% because I find that sitting as close as I do to it using it as a computer monitor, it burns your eyes, even at 25%, but it has a nice picture, it's too hard to look away. Another thing, the horizontal view angle is amazing, I have it up 2 and 3/4 feet above my head, and about 3-4 feet away from my face, it's kinda hard on my neck up there, but it's out of my door way (I had it on my stereo and it was almost too big to open my door. I can see it clearly as before, but the angle makes it just really awkward to the eyes, me kinda wishes he didnt put big heavy lcd on shelf + me lazy. *Cease and desist now*

your crt is probably dirty inside or has a loose connection you should know how to avoid getting shocked from the charged crt (it can store up to 30 KV when unplugged) clean it throughly and put all wires in place my 20 inch lcd (teac 2005S12) is quite cool crts can be good except 1 point. no high resolutions without bad flicker

My little TTX 15" and my 17" can both take 1024x1024 with no flicker, but the overall image looks dimer and you can tell it's pushing the crt. 1024x768 is about all I'd ever run on a crt smaller than 32". Say, would you have any fricken idea how to make my lcd run at 1366x768 off either my mac or pc, my PC in particular should be able to run it at a custom resolution, seeing as it has a rather nice (albeit old) ati all in wonder 9600 card. I can get every single resolution in between, but not one single one that starts with 1366 or 1368. I've tried power strip but no avail. My buddy told me to try running it at 1280x768 but it looked less clear, pretty sad that it looks better in 1024x768. Perhaps its that my card doesn't support those resolutions at 60hz? I have no idea.

to me anything below 75 HZ on a crt is BAD flicker and below 85 HZ is significant flicker

the mag i said works at 1024 X 768 75 HZ max

the allmost new samsung syncmaster 17 inch works at 1024 X 768 85 HZ or 1280 X 1024 60 HZ

the dell 21 inch works at 1280 X 1024 75 HZ or 1600 X 1200 60HZ

what os you use ?

i use linux. i run my 20 inch lcd at 1680 X 1050 without trouble on intel i810 8 MB shared / intel i865 32 MB shared (with 3D) / 3dfx voodoo 3 16 MB / nvidia mx400 64 MB. itll probably work ok at this resolution on any card with 8 MB memory or more (16 bit color) or 16 MB or more (32 bit color)

there is no sense running an lcd above 60 HZ. i think any card supports any resolution if a bitmap of the resolution size fits in its memory. the HZ dont count at all

doesnt 1024X768 on your widescreen monitor look extremely stretched ?

I use windows. :( That's a pretty small video card setup you got going there, I assume you don't play games on it :-S I'm pretty sure my video card could support 1336x768, it has 128mb of it's own vram. The image does look streatched in 1024x768 but I noticed after playing on it for a while and going back to my 15" crt that the crt now looks funny to my eyes, but I know that's just from staring at a stretched image so long. But the weird thing is, it's the sharpest looking resolution I can find that will output from my card, aside from the screwed up aspect ratio. My card goes all the way to 2045x1054 for christ sakes, why can't it do 1366x768. That's the exact resolution that the manual says it needs, but I know many people would insist it's only 1024x768 and simply a typo, I sure hope not.

forget about games. you can go out roleplay / backpack / both. you can go to the arts (especially stage arts) team at school and have heck of fun with them (untill some 18 - 19 when the tech guy shouts that he wants to lock school and go home). games ?? :-S i dont play them :)

is there a display settings file where you can add codes for custom resolutions ?

(in linux the file is called xorg.conf and codes modelines. maybe the name modelines exists in windows too)

a widescreen lcd sure cant be 1024X768 or other 4X3 resolution. its 1366X768

a member of our community attempts to create yet another community and invites people its like inviting members from here to his home or to a diy project or anything its normal and appreciated i think your reaction is very not in place

Perhaps. But the internet is full of empty forums, why do we need more? There is no "other community," just some guy's empty forum. With nothing supporting the forum (no website, no content), it'll just die out.

so you do your best to make it die out ? i'd expect the opposite from a friend

keep with your way. if you really want it youll succeed. no matter what others say well lets stop measuring the friendliness of each other. that won't get us anywhere

You're right, but I think the author of the post should be able to remove posts from their topic, although I know there are problems with that.

*Shrugs* I've ran out of ideas other than yelling at the troll to go away.

what said is said. its too late to remove now. and it won't make any more damage (than allready done) if left as is

i tried to make instructable on how to beat away trolls

Funny, I'd expect my friends to tell me when I'm wasting my time.

All you'd be wasting is my bandwidth, but seeing as I can afford a fairly decent internet package, It's not even noticeable.

You may not be wasting your time, but others..

"Please be positive and constructive with your comments" You were neither of which.

Thank you for someone else being nice for once


#1. This is not just going to be a random empty forum. It's for my personal use and also so friends/family can easily keep in touch without screwing around msn to get it working right.

#2. There is a website being created as we speak to link to the forum, stop being so naive, I have a fine team of 5 hungarian elephants on the task, and don't think I'm fooling either, they're might intelligent elephants, one even requires the use of a Monocular to read the lcd screen properly.