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GBA owns the DS! Answered

Hello? What happened? The PSP and DSi are all well and good but in my mind GBA games own them all! Sure, most are 2D and they cannot compete graphically with it's bigger cousins, but I would own my Gameboy Micro over a DS anyday (and I can say this genuinley because I had enough money to buy either a DS lite or a Gameboy micro and I chose the micro). I say this because compare a Sonic advance game to a Sonic Rush game. From a neutral perspective I found Sonic advance much more enjoyable than the DS version: It is simple (only 1 screen to focus on!) and none of these faffy side missions. And I would rather play SMB advance 3 than play some downgraded NFS for PSP. And let's not forget the biggest advantage of the GBM: PORTABILITY! It is the only true pcket console.


you are very correct. i feel old school because i sit in my my basement and play metroid fusion when i can play wii sports resort! but nothing can beat gba.


Nah, GBM all the way! I can take it everywhere because it is the ONLY true pocket gaming platform. The PSP may be graphically superior but that's where it stops.


9 years ago

A gaming media platform is only as good as the games available for it. :)

and there are alot of godo games for the GBA but i like the ds cuz it can play ds and GBA and it fits in my pocket

Well that's fine, but for me it's too blocky. I have a DS but I use the GBA a lot more.

iPod touch is where its at. Full games priced at tiny prices like 0.99GBP - 5.99GBP. I recently bought the original full sonic for 3.49... downloaded.. no problems.

I recently purchased V-Rally 3 and Sonic advance 2 AND Super Mario Bros. 3 for just 2.50 at a clearance sale.

I have 3 games that were purchased for about that, not to mention all the free ones! Plus i just hit download, no need to go out and buy the games. And, alot of the paid for games have free 'lite' versions to try before you buy.

Well I can buy flash carts for about £10 and then I too can just click download, but I prefer the legal way. Also I never buy in shops unless I go into town anyway, Amazon and Ebay I my preffered places.

flash carts also allow you to run games that other people have made, it would let your GBA play music and such.

yeah, but I have the play-yan micro to play mp3 and mp4 files for that, I'm not sure if it does ROMS though...