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Lets make fun of Instructables! You should remember strings better! Answered

I popped on to instructables, and what did I find?! Good to see its fixed now :P (I'm sorry, I can't resist poking fun!)


Yeah, I noticed too... (look between 2 and 4 PM).

Snapshot 2008-01-22 18-18-49.png

Good to see another Linux user.... im using kubuntu.....


10 years ago

AH!!!! Ubuntu-user spotting!

Didn't know that there were that many of us.

Oh good. I thought you were going to knock Ubuntu for some convoluted reason that may or may not pertain to me :P

Knock Ubuntu? Good one. Haha. Ubuntu is awesome!

HAHA! Shopped?

No, I thought at first it might be photoshopped

Hmm... that's odd... I didn't mean to reply to your message... Oh well, and no, its not shopped :P


10 years ago


I guess robot really needed that hard drive upgrade!

Haha, the JAVA programmer has a good sense of humor!

What's up with the JAVA -- you can just call it Java :P But yeah, that, or it could have been a bizzare malfunction...

I guess I got a little caps lock happy. Hopefully next year I can understand some of this Java programming. I expect to take AP Computer Science, which is a Java based course. I might know what this all means!