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Li-ion drill charger? Answered

Hi So I've got a cordless panasonic drill for which the battery charger has been lost. I've been googlin' for a DIY way to make my own li-ion charger for the battery pack, but since these batteries seems pretty sensitive about the way they're charged, and none of the "how to:s" have focused on drill-packs (this one is 14,4v, 3,3Ah) I thought I'd ask the good people here on instructables for a pointer or two. :)


I'm going to point you in the direction of some people who have been working on this type of thing for quite some time. They are a mix of professionals and amateurs, but the community there is pretty helpful, especially if someone wants to learn about how things work or need help with DIY type of stuff.

Nuts n Volts forums, click in the search bar for battery charger or look up MrAl. This user (and Mod) has a huge passion for getting the most from his batteries, whether they are standard disposables or rechargeables. There are a number of others there who will chime in, and I think you will get some further insight into what you'd need to do.


PS, if you do join up there, tell them CeaSaR sent you. Look forward to seeing you there.

Charging solutions these days often rely on talking to electronics in the battery pack itself, especially in the bigger sized packs where charge balancing is critical - and that interface information is proprietary....

That's the kind of information I havn't been able to come by myselft.
That sort off explains why there are so few diy-solutions. And it kind off sucks.

Well well, if that's how it is I guess I'll use the drill for parts or something.

Buy a replacement charger. You don't want to over charge that battery by accident or charge them too fast.

Thanks for the concern, but that was not the question, right? :)
I'm well aware of what can happen when these batteries are handled incorrectly.

I have other drills, so the reason I'm looking for a DIY solution to charge this one is purely educational. So no, i'm not buying a replacement charger.