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Life Answered

What is the meaning of life. Is there a God, a higer being, life after death.Why were we put here and how.Is science a closer gap to god then religion and the "chosen ones" feel free to answer with any of your own opinions, just curious to see what others think. IS CARTMAN CHOSEN BY A HIGHER POWER?


Cartman is the highest power. To go on Instructables is our sole purpose. :) Are we perhaps the destroyer? Just a thought, I don't mean to offend anybody.

I belive in something like a higher power. I mean, throughout the entire history of mankind we have always come up with something to answer our questions of life. I really doubt 8 billion people could have gotten it wrong. Wether you call this energy of life God, Allah (I hope I spelled that right), Daghda, Zues, Odin, Ra, the Force (my preference) or whatever, it matters not, there is an energy behind life. Why? If we moleculearally created a body, would it be alive? Doubt it. Is there an afterlife? Dunno, I'll have to wait till I'm dead to find out.If I die within the next couple of days (I hope not), I'll be sure to let you know. Is there a Heaven and Hell? I feel that life-energy cannot be destroyed, who says it doesn't just slip to another dimension (string theory calls for 13) when its time in our's is expired? Are the milions upon millions of cells in our bodies simply vast universes full of more life? Possibly. Are we just little cells inside a bigger cell (the universe) that forms another being? Maybe, that would be freakin' cool. The questions of life I feel are best left unanswered, I mean it would suck to know everything wouldn't it? There would be no room left to wonder. A better question would be what is life? I dunno, but if we are all part of another being, I'm guessing its got a bit of a fever...

Well 42 is a start but... Spelling Allah is correct in the western alphabet, but of small significance since Arabic is standard for Muslims. However, you did spell Zeus and molecularly incorrectly. (That's just pedantry though) I look forward to your message from beyond the grave, could you put it on your 'to do after I die list' even if it's not within the next couple of days? Or would you consider that it might not be of any importance to you in the afterlife..? L

But on the philicophical side, how am I doing?

Philosophically, I'm not sure what your position is. Have a go at 'what is my conscious state of mind?', and see if you can define that (I can't). L

!@#$*& you! I'm going crackers trying to figure that one out. Ya I'll have a message from the other side for ya,...

Oh good. That means you put some serious though into it (and that was the idea) L

MESSAGE FORM AFTERLIFE Oohh! Its Me, I'm calling from the Other Side! You killed me by overstressing my poor brain! I'm coming for! Oh yah, afterlife rocks, I've got all of the girls of the world (and time!) to pursue! You won't believe what they'll be wearing in 100 years! Hitler hates getting spat atween the eyes! John Lennon is great fun to talk to. Oh yah, your going to be devoured by a renegade rhino next time you go to the zoo. Thought you might be interested in your future. AFTERLIFE SIGNING OUT

Dunno about the importance of it in afterlife, but I'll definetly add it to my list of to do's after I dies. Other things on that list, include (providing I end up in the right places) shaking hands with John Paul 2, Mr. Rogers, singing off-key in an angelic (group of people singing, can't spell it right), or alternatvly (hopefully not though), well, um, I guess the only thing I would have to look forward to is spitting Hitler 'atween the eyes.

You have an interesting view of your afterlife. Why (above all others, including St Paul) do you favour J-PII? And how do you imagine finding Adolf? Would he not be accompanied by a garrison of Schutzstaffel? L

Well, you'll be meeting all of the important people rather early on I think, J-PII would just be a very interesting person to meet. Screw the SS, what they gonna do, I'm already there and I'm dead. Afterlife probobly wouldn't take place on a pretty pink cloud, it would be more of a parralel universe with no problems.

life after death can be nothing but suffering no matter what it is
no evidence for god = no god

meaning and reason of life... watch this:

science cannot lie on purpose

what if this is all just a massive computer simulation and I am the only real self-awareness person in this simulation and all of you are simple created to interact with me?

Rather than asking 'what if?' Why not tackle 'what is?' Computer simulation is a starter, but get beyond that to asking what are my senses telling me? Is my perception of myself true? What's the real difference between being awake and dreaming. Can I see things with my eyes closed, can I hear things (e.g. my thoughts) with out there being an external noise? etc. The you can ask: did I see that? did I hear that? am I awake etc. L

The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is... 42 It's just that simple.

It almost makes sense now, and thats why 43 is an odd number. this is top secret quantom crap better not spread it around, THERE WATCHING US!

(you did understand the 42 reference didn't you?)

Actually no fill me in, whats 42?

An ancient race of people built a huge super computer called Deep Thought to answer the same question you asked. After booting up they asked it if it could give them the answer? Yes it could, but it would have to think about it for a while, something like 40,000 years. After the thousands of years the decendants approached the computer to hear the answer to the question. Did Deep Thought have it? Yes, but it didn't think they were going to like it. The answer to the great question, life, the universe and everything: 42
Deep Thought then had to qualify this by pointing out that the question was a bit vague.
As sam Douglas Adams' The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy..

I was going to answer with 42 myself.
Since LV beat me to it, I was going to add that the question wasn't very well defined, but I got tired of trying to find the qoute verbatim.

Have a hard enough think about this and it's possibe to 'scare the willies' out of yourself. If you can achieve this you're on your way to a real answer, otherwise you're stuck in boring 'reality' where you ask these questions, but never find an answer. As a tip, try starting with the dreadful Matrix analogy, to give some serious thought to the nature of reality and existence.

And for another one: what is the meaning of life to e.g. a slug?


Reality is for those people that can't deal with incessant voices day and night. :)