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Life changes, New Boots! Not to mention a suit... Answered

Well I finally went clothes shopping, a rare occurrence for me. Mainly I was looking for new boots, my old ones have holes worn right through them in the soles, which are detaching from the rest of them slowly, the metal spines fell out long ago via the holes...

My new boots are 14 eyelet NPS, they're great, though breaking them in is a little rough on it, along with that they're the most expensive boots I've ever had, £105! the last ones were around £30 and so were most of my previous ones, though I did once make a pair of £10 boots last two years, by stapling the soles back on with a high power staple gun eventually.

The suit's a good thing too! we were in TK Maxx, a cheapish store full of loads of stuff, I've gotten some interesting shoes from their random buckets before, so they were first port of call while returning jeans I'd been given that wouldn't fit me... I came off with a two piece suit instead, despite owning many vintage jackets and a couple of pairs of trousers I've never owned a suit, or a new suit jacket for that matter, which is cool... Last one, on sale perfect fit on me, well the jacket's only a 38" chest so it makes it a tight fit but not uncomfortable since it has a little play in it.

The boots are good and very solid but I'm having to get used to the big soles on them since most of mine have been smaller than that, they look taller than they are on the outside though so it's not too bad.

I'm proud of myself for making a decision on things in a day, it's not likely me to buy clothes unless they're impractical or over the top, well the boots may be a little...

Also I've decided to quit smoking, went to doctors office on friday having set that date and the fool told me to go on through the weekend and wait until monday, saying that can be my date... I wasn't amused, however I have one left and it shall be my last...

Along with this I've got a few job interviews lined up, it's hard getting a chance at jobs in these times but it's a start...

My quitting smoking is directly related to 'ibles - I want money to fund projects, and I want money to socialize etc. Next week I shall have a project that's been long awaited by many if I get the metal working done in tech...

Speaking of tech all is well there too, course is brilliant and I've been doing loads of interesting stuff.

It's seems a bit odd to be posting all this stuff but many an 'ibler has given me abuse about smoking, though it was far beyond their rights to criticize me personally or make irrelevant comments I do think it's about time I quit, 5 years wasting money.

Anybody else any life changes?

Notable lack of lovelife rubbish, it's too topsy turvy to get in to without a ten thousand word essay...


Hahaha. Apparently you british have an TJ Maxx knockoff! :D

Who are you calling British? Cónaím in Éire, go raibh maith agat!

If the boots and suit are so good, where's the picture?

I bought a new suit for work as well - nineteen quid from Asda. I also bought a new shirt for a tenner - bright red, it's to wear in my role as Head of House (my house's colour is red).

House?? Like Griffondor and whatnot in Harry Potter?

Isn't that pronounced Perfessor ? i.e. of Gilligan's Island fame....

Well I can't stand taking photos of myself because all I think of is the myspace hoards... Odd most schools have dropped that apart from the uppity ones that like a bit of pomp and tradition.

Like mine :/ I wear a suit to sixth form every day, i must say I like it though.

I tried quitting smoking after 20 years of the filthy habit, oh maybe 5 -6 times. I finally got the hint as people my age (I was 44 at the time) started dying from emphysema and heart failure. Long before any lung cancer got them. I did NOT want to slowly drown to death. . . I saw it happen 4 too many times. It still took me 2 years to finally give them up totally, but it was well worth it.....had I not, the layover in the hospital (for my heart surgery) would have been PURE HADES. But in 2002, I finally gave them up for good. The most major thing to happen recently however, happened a little over a year ago.....I found you all. It really did make a big difference in my life.


9 years ago

Good to hear you enjoying small things in life! :D Probably the biggest thing that happened to me was, I crashed my car into a tree. :( Its making me feel anxious, not sure why...

And how many days have you had your license? You already bumpus'ed your car into a tree that wouldn't get out of the way?

As long as no one got hurt and it was an accident. The experience will rattle you, post-traumatic shock syndrome. Be careful on the road.

I've had my license for a month. Its odd, one of my good friends rolled his truck the same amount of days after getting his license as I did. Last year, same time, my dad hit a deer with the same carr. The only thing that happened to me, was I sprained my wrist, thankfully. The car is possessed.

...The car is possessed....

So, it was absolutely nothing to do with the driver's inexperience ;-)

I got my first parking ticket within half an hour of passing my test, but I waited half a year before I crashed (and wrote off) my first Mini.

I'm rather glad I did, because that crash led, in a complicated way, to marrying Kitewife.

He didn't mention that the car was possessed by the owner :LOL

xD Och well I've nearly side swipped the postie....

The only life changing decisions i made was, that i stopped drinking. And im going to do background checks on the next girl I'm with. The last girl used me like a christmas tree.

good choices. The boots and suit are good, and quitting smoking is beast! (wait, you used to smoke, just how old are you?)

18 dj calm... Not a combination but two nice things to get new ones of

It was just a fake-fuss, I feel calm now. Anyway, Im glad when anyone quits smoking, it saves them, and it keeps me from smelling their cigarettes (they stink!)

good luck on the job interviews! and perhaps even more luck quitting smoking. nicotine is powerful, but don't let that stop you.


9 years ago

Well good luck on the quite smoking and stick with it.

Good to know!! Good luck, may the luck o' the Irish and possibly Turkish help ya!

Well i just quit by job... I'm making a stupid stupid table in Tech (read: Worst decision ever..) I have an Economics exam on Friday and i cant revise I cant sleep at night because im so worried and stressed Which in turn makes me to tired to stay awake in lessons I cant remember ANYTHING im taught in lessons. And finally i've decided i don't want a job when im older, i want to be an entrepreneur (which doesn't help with the revision thing because you don't need qualifications for that) So basically nay good ....

+ I lie too much, i say things without realizing there completely false, and i lie about everything even stupid small things like what i ate for lunch.

...That sounds really sucky, I hope it turns around for you.

It's really good to hear (see?) that you're quitting smoking, my step mum is currently into "stage 2" and she's using Nicorette patches. She says she deffinitely couldn't do it without family support so I'm glad we're all there for her.

It does save a lot of money when you quit, I knew two people, husband and wife who smoked like chimneys for 40 years, they really regret but they ended up qutting. It saved them each $80 a week.

Looking forward to what you make with that saved money & good luck with giving it up, I sincerely hope it all goes well.

I'm glad you've decided to stop smoking! I wish you luck. I've decided to get a job (hopefully that will happen soon...) to save for drivers ed and a camera. We're supposed to move soon so I'm sure things will get a tad hectic around here... And I got new jeans :D

Best of luck quitting! My dad tried and failed multiple times; I've seen how hard it is.


9 years ago

Good luck on quitting smoking, I think all of us here want you to succeed.


9 years ago

Good for you for quitting smoking. I quit about 10 years ago. It can be a bit rough but it's worth it. I had a program on my computer that calculated how much money I saved.

I've decided I really could do with a job, I'm learning to drive at last as well. My main motivation is getting enough money for tickets for Leeds fest 09 camping, and to be able to drive up there. At the moment, I'm spamming CV's everywhere round town, I'll work anywhere they'll take me. Glad to hear you're making some positive changes.


9 years ago

Nah, my life has been them same.