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Light Bulb Lamps Answered

Oh what to do with the light bulb now that you're basking in the efficient glow of your CFLs? Well, you could convert them into these light bulb lamps as Sergio Silva has done. It's a pretty sweet item with neodymium magnets holding them in place on an included acrylic plate with embedded bits of steel.

However, the price tag is $650 for the set which is pretty flippin' ridiculous for what can be remade with scrap and $10 of materials, if that.

To be fair, the light bulbs Silva makes are sturdier than the regular item, are all made by the original artist, and are limited to a run of 66. So you're buying some design-y street cred before they get knocked off and sold for one-tenth the price.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is pretty much a molotov cocktail if that thing rolls off the table and smashes on the floor you have yourself a very big very on fire problem.


Actually, no. I remember quite clearly as a youngster attempting to ignite kerosene that had spilled on the ground (not on dirt, on the road), and I could not. Now, if you used something that had potentially explosive vapors like alcohol or (shudder) gasoline, then you DO have a potential for problems.

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until I nearly blew open my chest.....then I gave it up for safer hobbies, like High Voltage devices, etc. :-) I would be safe with them....I was scared to death of electricity when I was younger ;-)

stuffed an old CO2 cartridge with gunpowder, jammed in a fuse and lit it....it went off prematurely and nearly opened me up like a gutted deer. I was very fortunate.

When my brother tried (unsuccessfully) to make a wooden cannon (as always) i volunteered to light it, the fuse burnt way to quickly and it exploded right in front of me leaving me deaf for a short time, the dizziness went away after a short time but i'm still a little hearing impared. Also i'm 12 so i didnt learn from my misfortune and i'm still lighting my homemade fireworks.

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I was probably around your age or a bit older... Me and a friend were bored and we opened up a used up plastic cigarrette lighter and filled it with black powder. It flashed, went up in my face and I had a nice little hole in my hand. I still have the remains of the lighter somewhere haha

Well, put it this way, the cartridge, opened up and flew away from me in nearly a flattened state (cutting limbs from a nearby try down as it exited). Had it exploded in the other direction, I would have been disemboweled. It was scary enough to be MUCH more careful in the future.

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I know a guy who opened a shot gun thing (I'm not too good with gun terminology, okay!) and took the gunpowder out and ignited it on his floor. his mom grounded him because it was right next to the furnace (gas heater anyone?) how did she find out? let's just say you shouldn't videotape yourself potentially blowing up your house then POST IT TO MYSPACE.

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I would think the lingering smell would give an indication too :-)

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 If it hits something that will wick it, like carpet or a curtain, up in blazes it will go. Gosh Goodhart, haven't you read East of Eden? Kerosene is kickin' it OLDE SCHOOL arson. 

Yes, I did not deny that it would burn just as it does with the wick of a lamp.  I just meant it is much easier to burn IF and only if it is wicked, and then most times, only at the point exposed to a lot of air (the entire wick of a kerosene lamp doesn't burst into flames, only the edge of exposure).

Now, a curtain would be bad,  it has that vertical wicking property (unless you  hang you curtains across your floor) and that would be very quickly consumed, yes.   

I've worked around (and even experimented with) kerosene when younger (oh about 30+ years ago) and they don't make it any differently then they did back then. ;-)

 Huh interesting, much less volatile then I thought it was.

It can be,  but you are correct that is can be a problem at the right temp.  or of wicked over a large area

that price is rediculous i made that exact same thing for a total of 6 bucks (sigh) what is the world coming to *stares at floor shaking head in disapointment*

um....14. like I am now. it was around christmas of this year.

I just finished making my own version of this, it cost me $0.00 and i used citronella oil instead of parrafin and i recycled the wicks from a tiki torch, i mite post it up in a slide show when i get around to it.

I am officially making this right now, i was worried about having only frosted bulbs but i found out that the frosting on the inside is only powder held in by the vacuum. I will definetly post a sideshow but i'm not sure about an instructable, if anyones interested just shout out, really loud, yeah.

What fuel is better: Paraffin Oil (aka. Kero), Metho/Alcohol or Oil. What do they smell like, how flammable are they, if it spills out of a light bulb and brakes what one would do more damage? All those kinds of things I want to know Thanks

What I like about the artist's version is that the two stronger-than-shelf bulbs are affixed to the wide, sturdy base. What worries me about the posted instructables so far is their safety. We are talking about very thin glass and small bases here, with an oil flame sitting on top of a fuel reservoir...

Just so people aren't scared away from this, I worked as a sideshow performer/firebreather for many years. I used lamp oil for all my firebreathing because it's much safer than things like lighterfluid or alcohol. Lamp oil is 99% kerosene (liquid paraffin) and 1% benzene. It is only flammable when aerosoled or wicked. You can easily pour a cup full and extinguish a lit match into it.

As long as they are placed on a steady surface, the ibled versions are as safe as the art versions. Their glass is no thinner, the flame no flamier. If you want to make your own version as safe as the art version, simply use a board as base, or a material of your choice, and inset your magnet into the surface. Or use a steel base-board, then you can place the lamp anywhere on it.