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Limiting Switch? Answered

I don't have time to do the research right now, but I am going to make a projector mount that comes out f the ceiling, does anyone know how to set it up so that when it reaches the bottom the motor auto stops. It will be a two way switch, one for up position and one for down position.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Exactly as you say -- if its cable mounted, clamp something on the cable at the end-stop so that it interfaces with a switch that interrupts power in the 'go down' circuit.

...I answered this before...image is around here somewhere.

Your 'down' limit switch would be normally closed, and only open when the endstop is hit -- and it would hook up to A1 (top one), disconnecting it at the correct time.

Your up limit switch would interrupt the other direction, C1 (top one). The important point is that the switch interrupts the wires before the connect at the motor side, so they can control individual directions.


Here's a circuit that will work. Put normally closed limit switches. in series with my switches marked "up" and "down"