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Links in the newsletter don't work (not active) Answered


links in Editors' Picks and some buttons at the bottom of the newsletter don't work (not active) in MS Outlook 2016 x64. The links in other blocks are ok. Also If I open the newsletter in a browser all the links work fine.
My OS is Windows 7 x64.



2 years ago

same problem here, I have 2 computers, one with outlook 2010 and one with outlook 2016. i confirm links are not working except the first one

if staff needs some details or movie, pls ask

I have the same problem in Outlook 2016. Are there any solutions?

same here, iOS 9 using Boxer Pro as my email client.

Hello everyone in this community. First I'm speaking englich like my cat. Sorry for that. This is my first SOShere in the "Instructables community". I hope this is the correct topic for my problem. My problem seems to be the same. Since a pair of weeks (maybe 2 or 3), I can no longer obtain the web contents by clicking on the images of the newsletter. There's no more link to the web contents. Does anyone have an idea if the problem comes from my side? I work with Windows 10 and outlook 2016 /64 b).

Please tell me if I posted into the right topic.

Good day to all. (Hope you have an answer)


Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Outlook 2007

I receive the newsletter through Yahoo Mail and everything is OK there. But this e-mail is redirected to Outlook into my computer. In Outlook, only the first (main) link works. The rest doesn´t. This problem have already happened around a year ago.


2 years ago

Same issue in Chrome. Links to each pick don't work. Just the overall page takes to another page where the links don't work.

Yes, I've got the same issue. If I click "view in web browser", the links work from there... but that opens it in IE and I'd rather have it open in Firefox.

same problem here.