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Links no longer supported in comments and topics? Answered

With the recent works on the website came some new features I fail to fully understand.
Tried to get a link into one of my comments.
You know, highlight the text in question and then paste the link after clicking on the link symbol that appears.

Well, I get all sorts of italic happening, can blow the text to a bigger size but the link symbol only gives me italic.
Did someone mess it up without noticing? ;)


Ok, let's see.
Nope, only get "Blockquotes" when trying to convert text to a link.
The rest only gives weird italic or makes the entire text go big.

Link not working.jpg


If you'd mention your system info & browser being used, I'll get one of the devs to jump in here and try to duplicate what you're seeing.

Well, should have included that right away :(
Tried again with same results on both Firefox and Chrome, latest versions.
Running on Win7 64.

Sorry for all the messages. This has always been a little wonky, but it does seem to be working for me. I attached a shot of what I see. Can you add a shot of what you see when you highlight some text?