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Lion Brand Yarn Store: NYC grand opening! Answered

When Eric and I were in NYC earlier this year, we got an early tour through the half-finished construction zone that will soon be the Lion Brand Yarn store. It should be awesome when finished - I'm jealous of all of you who live in the NY area and can visit!

Official opening date is November 18, at 34 W 15th Street. Check it out!

The Times Square billboards will be running Lion Brand Yarn ads for a bit on opening day - they've put up a mock-up for those of us who can't be there to view it in person.


cooooool !!!!

Is there a secret word or phrase that we can mention for a discount? It may be worth a trip to the store.

Best discount is to get those percentage off coupons in the Sunday newspapers and then buy the yarn at your local stores!

CCccccccccooourage? And my little buckethead friend needs a brain... La la la la...

I love yarn. I still haven't figured out knitting or crochet, though. I really must figure at least crochet out - I want a yarn stash so badly. :D

I suggest subscribing to the Lion Brand site for their free newsletter. Very inspirational and they offer discounts and project ideas - some are even yarn projects that don't involve crochet or knitting! Plus they have a vast resource of free patterns and tutorials.

I mean, just check out this cutest hat ever! Makes me want to learn how to crochet a hundred of them to send out to all those baby-hat charity groups out there! And all their lumberjack babies. . .

Anyway, I suggest starting a yarn stash anyway. I have so many gorgeous yarns that I have no intention of knitting up. The colors and textures are so beautiful, I just keep them around as little bundles of inspiration.


Perhaps my mom could write a crocheting tutorial? She says its really easy once you know how. :-)

Oh, she should! Needs to be super picture obese, though. And maybe some video? :D

I am still trying to get Kitewife to post a crocheted scarf she makes as a gift. It's a spiral.

Double Helix? Twisted strands of DNA yarn?

Nice, i bet that billboard advertising costs a pretty penny !!! Good luck to them!

There are many yarn stores, i don't really see why this one is special...

Canida explains above my post that they are known and new.

We know the Lion Brand folks, and their store is new. ;)


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