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Little fail of new page design Answered

When I enter in Instructables (many times a day) I have "RECENT" optionas level of selection;

As the default quantity of instructables by screen is 15 and I want more, I go to the end of the first screen and choose "30 per page" at the bottom left.

Then the systen reload the screen with 30 Instructables, but under "Featured" option

I propose the following actions:
  • Fix that problem (it is to say, when reload the page consider actual level of selection).
  • Save the last selection of instructables by screen (you know where).
  • If the new selection is the same that preceding, do not reload the page.
BTW, the new design is nice.

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killerjackalope (author)2012-11-11

Piggybacking as I'm on the phone...

The little drop down selector closes itself when you tap on a link option, this only happens with the longer one including custom links, everything else seemed fine - as a note the mobile site is fairly useless, unless I missed an update, fine for browsing and allowing mobile search traffic but I couldn't get to my comments etc, the reason I like to pop in on the mobile. Also this comment box is freaking out the keyboard/screen... That may be AnySoftKeyboard, having issues. Xperia X10 stock browser Android 2.3...

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Thanks killerjackalope for your concern. But I don't understand your explanation, a bit for my language limitation, another bit for my technical limitation.

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The new version of the quick links disappears when you try and choose a link on the mobile browser. The mobile site doesn't work easily for checking your comments etc, it's good for browsing instructables...

That any better?

I was only posting here as it's the same update and making a new forum topic on the mobile is very hit and miss.

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mikeasaurus (author)2012-11-12

Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into it.

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