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Live Person Please? Answered

I have submitted for password retreival several times over the last 2 weeks. I never receive the email. No, I do not have a spam box. I found my password but I suspect it get's changed when one submits a retreival form since I still can not log in. So, now, I had to create a new account just to be able to post this! All I want now is for some real person (erm... no fake ppl please) to email me and help me be able to log in with my real account. I'd like to remove this account. Oh no, I hope that is possible too. Anyone working for Instructables want to email me so I can give you my other account's user id and email? So from there you can email that account a new password or whatever the procedure is? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *weeps*


Also, messaging ewilhelm or canida probably isn't a good idea. They get so swamped with PMs that it can take some time to get a response from them.

. They were having problems with the e-mail notifications and password e-mails may be part of the same system. The notification problem seems to be fixed now. Try again and if it doesn't work see Kiteman's suggestion to contact someone on the About page.

Has your e-mail address changed perhaps? Is it the same e-mail address with which you created the account, and does it still work, it wouldn't have any kind of spam-blocking on it that might cause a problem? Admin will only give passwords to the original correspondence e-mail for security purposes. If it is and you're receiving e-mails from the site, you could try replying to one of them explaining the problem? (PM-ing someone under a different username won't fix it, but you might get advice) L