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Lockpicking, anyone? Answered

Why the tools section? Because it's a tool for me and not for you (joke joke of course it's a tool for you).

I am trying out lockpicking since recently but I am having difficulties. First off, my pick sucks like hell. I can't just go out and buy a hacksaw blade and file it down accordingly. Second, I can't find a suitable torsion wrench for my handiwork. Third, I am trying out the single-pin technique, and that involves feeling all the individual pins to know which is the binding pin, which I can't feel in the first place because my pick is too thick for the lock. 

Any idea how to:
Make a DIY pick
Make a tension wrench without sacrificing my precious tools
Feel those annoying to reach pins

(Must not involve paper clips in any way imaginable)

Yes, I am aware of raking/scrubbing and that all too useful snap gun. Which reminds me also how to make a snap gun without those window wiper inserts or paper clips (tried paper clips already). 

Heads up on my economy: I have no bench grinders, angle grinders, or any other power tools available. I either have to do it manually with hammers, pliers, or files, or I have to make my own tools, which usually fail miserably. I have stuff that's sitting around here like a tank of acetylene (I don't know if it still is pressurized or not, either way I don't want to know), some copper pipes (don't make me file those down), a few C-clamps, random soldering equipment, and limited access to the hardware store which my mom owns (limited being no power tools or major stuff I couldn't even use like sheet metal, fiberglass and other stuff).

In case you're wondering, that door to my bedroom is somehow always locked and I couldn't get in, hence my motivation to pick my way into the room.


Get to the warehouse district or something like that and find a piece of the steel banding they use for wrap around reinforcement.  There's probably a ton of the stuff in every dumpster.

It's soft enough to cut with tin snips and file to shape with a hand file, or just use a file to cut it to shape.  That's more work but doable.

You can make all your picks and the wrench out of the stuff.

I may live in a bustling city full of random trash, but that trash doesn't include steel banding. We don't use dumpsters, just huge trash cans with huge lids (you want some numbers? approximately 3 feet tall and 2 foot diameter oversize trash cans. I would suspect larger though). Do check my age as I am not allowed to go it alone. All I've got are paper clips (not a good choice apparently) and some steel wire (small diameter ones). Any suggestions? I was thinking of bending the steel wire to shape then hammering the business end flat then tempering it.

Dumpster was just a suggestion. Do you ever get taken to a store. Lots of stores receive stuff wrapped in the bands.

Use your imagination. When I was 13 I had more adventure I guess and usually figured out a way to get/do what I wanted.

Most steel wire is going to be too hard to hammer and if soft enough to hammer then too soft to use for a lock pick. But you might get lucky.

On the contrary, here, they aren't (local hardware stores anyway). I'll just attempt trial-and-error and find out what's good and what's not.

Files and/or grinding stones, knowing what you're trying to make, patience and practice.

Unfortunately, I know enough about this topic that I Will Not discuss it with non-pros whom I don't know extremely well. There are too many ways to get yourself into serious trouble -- among other things, the moment people know you have these skills you are automatically a legitimate suspect any time something goes missing.

As far as your motivation goes: Sorry, that one doesn't work. The ultimate lockpick is the correct key; make yourself a spare key and you've solved your problem.

It's also for informational purposes. I'm always bored... All I need to know is how to make the picks. Just the picks. So yeah you know enough not to tell me, but all I need are the picks! I might as well make all of them right now and see which one works best. That's part of the deal apparently. Speaking of correct keys, I'll try those plastic bottle spare keys going around the net nowadays. But still, lockpicking is just fascinating! To lighten the atmosphere, for some reason, common sense is becoming rare nowadays.

use straightened hairpins. Very strong ,thin and just needs a little bending. If you wanna use a bent pick, you can either file it or heat it up until it's red hot and hammer it while it is vertical (hairpins are flat)