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Logic Problems Answered

I changed the topic name because I think so people might think of logic problems as a programming question or electronic question, so some people wouldn't bother looking at the topic. Think you're good at logic? Here are some problems: Title: Gorillas Enjoy Ballet Gorillas are the only animal that enjoys ballet. All animals can fly to mars. Scotch brooms bloom every Thursday all over mars. Only those few animals that do not play solitaire are immune to hay fever. No animal that travels in leaky rowboat ever has the penultimate word in a verbal discourse. Scotch broom in bloom is what gives animals hay fever. Those that do not handle hot ice cubes travel to town in leaky rowboats. All animals that have the penultimate word in a verbal discourse play solitaire. No animal that enjoys ballet handles hot ice cubes. What conclusion can you draw from the above information? Logic Puzzle number 2 This one takes up 2 pages, so I'm going to skip the story and say the logic parts. Basically this one guy thinks he smarter than gods or something so they give him a trial. He's trying to go toward the treasure and not die. Split in the road number 1, at least one sign is false, one path leads to a serpent. Path A: "This path leads to the serpent." Path B: "The sign at path A is true." Which way should he go? Split in the road number 2, 2 signs are true, one is false Path A: "The sign at Path B is true" Path B: "Path A is not the one to follow" Path C: "This is the Path to follow" Which way should he go? Split in the road number 3, 2 signs are true, one is false Path A: "Path B is the one to follow: Path B: "Path C is the one to follow, unless it's Path A" Path C: "Neither Path A nor B is the correct Path" Which way should he go? There are now 3 houses, one containing the treasure, there's a sign infront of each house. 2 signs are false, but one is true. House A: "C is not the house to enter unless THIS house is not the one to enter" House B: "The sign at house A is false" House C: "Either house A or house B is the one to enter" Which house should he choose? Please write your answer in the form of the path/house in order, for example ABCB would be path 1 is A, Path 2 is B, etcetcetc. On a totally different note (I don't wanna make another topic), can you use the cable that you use with a boarduino to make an avr programmer? If so, can you post an example schematic of how to hook up a chip.


so noone is even going to take an attempt at the logic problems? Come on, that took me like 10 minutes to type!

Maybe we would if you didn't copy them out of a book!

it wasn't a book ,and I already did them, I was just posting them cause I thought they were hard/fun.


10 years ago

RE: the AVR...

AFAIK, you couldn't use the "boarduino" cable on a bare AVR. The cable integrates one of those FTDI chips to convert USB to RS232 serial. As such, it's a great little cable and could be used for a USB comm/control interface with any AVR (once the AVR is programmed.)

The Arduino's utilize a bootloader for programming. This isn't unique--the AVR Butterfly board uses a bootloader for programming with a standard RS232 interface/cable (and some discrete components for voltage conversion.) In fact, there are dozens of bootloaders for different protocols/tasks.

The bootloader must be preloaded (with the onboard ISP, JTAG or HV programming modes) before the cable would work.

ok, well that's a bummer cause it would have been one less cable to use.

I'm still not sure, some people on other forums say you can, but i can't find a reliable source cause everyone saying yes you can or no you cant

We should have asked you which cable--looks like the boarduino has both an ISP connector and the FTDI USB cable connection... You certainly could use an ISP cable with any AVR.

that might have been it. yeah, the cable i meant was the ftdi one, I might just go buy a kit later.

actually, while I'm buying something, what do you recomend, pic or avr?

I don't do PICs, maybe somebody else can help with those... AVRs were my choice, manly due to having a decent (free) C compiler. It seems to produce good, small code. (You should be able to hack up an ISP programmer cable that will work for the boarduino, based on one of several AVR instructables. You'll need to supply 5V for the board, too. I'm sure it's within your abilities.)

You can use the cable and the boarduino (or other arduino) to make a general purpose AVR programmer, but the cable by itself isn't directly suitable.

do you have a link or something to learn how to do this? BTW you never responded to my message about eagle polygons in your instructable