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Login - Fix so it works with LastPass Answered

I would login everytime, except that the login pop-up does not work with lastpass, so I have to dig up my login and manually enter... thus I end up browsing as a non-member.

1. Fix pop-up to accept LastPass auto-entry or manual entry

2. Create a separate login page, not the pop-up, that work with lastpass.




I've just had a look at the LastPass website, and it seems that websites do not have to change anything for it to work, you just have to install the browser add-on and remember to switch it on...


Lastpass does something weird, because everytime I open a new page, it attempts to log me in again. If I look at my comments page, it doesn't work, and bombs out to my "You" page.

So basically what you're saying is that you are too lazy to type in a user name and password.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as lazy as they come. Some days I really can't be bothered typing all that, especially since my passwords tend to be complicated. So complicated that I rarely remember them for very long. But I still wouldn't rely on something like this LastPass thing, especially not for something that I really need to keep secure. Better to just reset the password, which is something you should do on a regular basis anyway.