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Lomography Konstructor - World's First 35mm DIY SLR Answered

Analogue photographers rejoice!

Today, Lomography is proud to announce the world's first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera, the Konstructor.
Demystify the inner workings of a SLR camera by building the Konstructor yourself. Assembly takes about an hour, and can be customized with fun stickers after to personalize your new camera.

Not just a simple kit, the Konstructor boasts different shooting modes, a tripod, and an uncoupled shutter release to easily produce multiple exposures. The Konstruktor produces wonderfully sharp and vibrant photos which capture the joyful essence of photography.

"Through the fantastically fun process of assembling this beautiful machine, you’ll learn the essence of photography and be able to shoot wonderfully sharp and vibrant analogue photos. It’s time to take the next step on your exciting photographic adventure and boost your creativity to the max."

35mm (135) Film
Detachable 50mm f/10 Lens
Shutter Speed: 1/80s with multiple exposures
Focus Distance: 0.5m – Infinity
Dimensions: 121 × 33 × 65mm

Ready to get your own and start building? Head over to Lomography!

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Granta1969 (author)2013-07-06

I wonder how long it will be before there is a 3-D printer version. that would be so cool. I suppose you'd have to buy a lens but everything else could be printed. Now the thing that would be even more cool would be a 3-D printable digital camera with open source architecture and that way you could customize the camera to function exactly the way you want it.

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kelseymh (author)Granta19692013-07-06


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Granta1969 (author)kelseymh2013-07-06

Andy Warhol said that everyone in the future would have a moment of fame for 15 minutes. But it turns out that fame is just another word for originality. So I'm starting to wonder if in reality, everyone in the future will have an original idea that lasts for maybe 15 milliseconds.

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ChronicCrafter (author)2013-06-25

Ugh, I saw these. I want one so bad...

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