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London 'Iblers meetup with Eric! Answered

Eric Wilhelm is in London this week. We thought we'd capitalise (a ha ha) on this and, in fine British tradition, go to the pub.  All members are welcome- the destination is the Mug House, London Bridgeon Friday 10th of January.  Kiteman and I will be at Liverpool St. station at around 7:00pm, or you can meet us at the pub.  Hope to see you there and put some faces to names!


Ha. Posting it with the Facebook account is sure to get a lot more attention than via the forum! Would be funny if enough people to fill the pub turned up ;) Of the 200k facebook followers, surely at least 100 of them live in London. Flashmob!

As I type, I make up precisely one third of those signed up as "going"...

"Would be funny if enough people to fill the pub turned up" As it's a friday night and half a mile from the city of London I anticipate this happening already even without our influence. Still, an Instructables flash mob would be the coolest :)

So, where are all the pictures? Or did you all get too plastered to upload anything? :-D

There's one (very unflattering) one at Kiteman's twitter, https://twitter.com/Kitemanx. Andrea Biffi took a couple on his SLR which should make their way online at some point. I'd just like to point out that I'm not that shiny in real life :) It was indeed a fun evening, great to finally #MeetEric

Oliver, Eric, Mark and Martin (image order, me in centre) good fellows, it has been awesome meeting you!

Here the two photos... "spot the difference" serie!


Oh, much better than mine!

(@Martin, put these on the main topic!)

The dark and crowded atmosphere was not conducive to photography, but this is the one I managed to tweet after we left the signal-free pub:


yall look terrible, i thought alcohol was supposed to make people better looking.

ok im kidding but seriously only one person has a real smile. it looks like a reunion with the in laws.

It was a badly organised photo - a potman just grabbed my phone and took it.

Left to right;

PKM, Penfold Plant, me, Eric, Andrea Biffi

Andrea Biffi will be there as well!

LOL I'm reading this topic for the first time!

I came back home and I can finally post event pictures! Thanks guys, meeting you has been great!

Awesome to meet you, too! Such a shame your throat was sore.

Anyway, I hope your photos are better than mine!

I've got a small selection of mugs, t-shirts, and stickers to hand out!

Just a "flying" visit Eric, or are you in the UK for a couple of days ?

Bring an umbrella....

I'm only in London for a couple of days. The weather has been amazingly good!

If my phone battery lasts, you may see the occasional tweet from me, @KitemanX, #MeetEric

That sign next to the door is false advertising. Since moving up north I've learned that that is WRONG. Without the sparkler on is not in the proper manner :p

Buy Eric a lemonade on me. :)

Frothy head is for Guinness, Boddies and John Smith; cask ale should be minimally bubbled to preserve the flavour. Fortunately I live in a Greene King area where they know how to do these things properly :) (citation needed)

Prepare to be educated.

Where's that damn 'like' button gone :p

Citing Greene King is a sure way to prove your point wrong :p Yuck.


4 years ago

will try and make it, also going to a gig in camden that night.

Looks like a nice place, i bet you gotta wear sleeves and closed toe shoes

Absolutely- and you should have seen the look I got when I pointed out their sign didn't mention wearing trousers ;)