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Looking For Instructors - Circuit Bending, Creative Electronics, Arts, Crafts, Painting, etc... (Williamsburg, Bk) Answered

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - Just be EXCELLENT at what you do, and be able to teach others your skill(s)!

We are seeking p/t instructors for various classes to be held at our location.

We are looking for instructors who are knowledgeable, creative, patient, and experienced (either professional or self-taught) in the classes they will be teaching.

Hours vary, but primarily consist of evening and weekend scheduling.  Pay is based on level of experience, class type, and class schedule (ranges from $40-100/hr).

- Circuit Bending (Basics to Advance)
- Creative Electronics (Basics to Advance)
- Arts & Crafts (all levels)
- Electronic Repairs / Service / Test / Troubleshoot (Basics to Advance)
- Painting
- Sewing / Embroidery
- Jewelry Design / Silversmithing
- Printmaking (lithography, dies, monoprinting, etc)
You get the picture!

We are conveniently located in the Williamsburg Brooklyn (Broadway @ Marcy Ave), @ the Marcy Ave J, M, Z stop.

Please include the class you'd like to teach, your experience level, relevant degrees (not required, but a +), affiliations, any resumes/cv (professional and/or self taught) and a simple sample curriculum (can by on anything).  We also need to know your availability, and salary requirements.

Thank you for your interest.

terminalbrooklyn (at) gmail . com

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Kryptonite (author)2010-01-11

How is it that every thing cool is in England or United States?

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Jawa888 (author)Kryptonite2010-01-16

 You've oveusly never been to england it's crap I bet Australia is asom

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nomadillo (author)Kryptonite2010-01-12

 Why don't you start your own "cool" thing where you are?

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Kryptonite (author)nomadillo2010-01-12

Just let me get my first job, and then let me see what I can do. Oh wait that shouldn't be long, I'm going for the interview today!

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jeff-o (author)Kryptonite2010-01-11

A larger population, maybe?

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Kryptonite (author)jeff-o2010-01-12