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Looking back: the good, the bad, and the ugly Answered

I thought a bit of reflection might be appropriate (and if not, tell me so and I will quickly remove what might be considered a waste of space and time):

Not to start off on a negative foot, but this only came up recently, as I don't get to see much TV (probably to my benefit), and while scanning through the Online TV Guide, I saw this TV show title:

America's Most Smartest Model

To me, it is appalling that those producing a show on the "smartest" would commit such a mistake in English; and any model that appeared on the show without making mention of the title would, in my opinion, show that they are not as skilled as some 6th graders in the English language.

On the bright side, I discovered Eureka! this year, and is about the only "fictional" show I can bare to watch.

Lists and comments welcome !


"The good, the bad, and the ugly"

How nice that you thought of yourself when writing the title!


..It's kind of sad that an entire topic on looking back is about tv.

Ugly, maybe in your eyes, homely in others, and "tolerable" in my wife's eyes LOL

yeah, sorry I kind of started with a tv show (one I have never seen, but the title turned me totally off)...Looking back.....What else have we ? The Revamped VW bug, and a car that looks like a small van on the outside, but has absolutely no room on the inside...the PT Cruiser, um, what happened last year ? It went soo fast !

I watch Eureka to (you do mean the one about the average cop in a genius town?). Along with:
The Unit
Criminal Minds
My Name is Earl
All CSI series (NY, Las Vegas, Miami)
Simpsons, Family Guy, Robot Chicken
And some I am forgetting.

All of them ruined by the writer's strike :(

Yeah, I definitely do not "just" follow the storyline. I think about the gadgets in the show :-)

No really..... I am constantly thinking.....hmm, I wonder if I did this and that, whether that is possible or not.....hmmmmmmmm LOL

Yeah, that's the one. Monk is fairly funny (I definitely liked the very first show :-) And of course: Mythbusters Now I have heard there will be some more similar shows coming on the air soon....I can't wait.

I watched the Smash Lab sneak peek. It looks good. Did you know that the Rhino truck bed liner can actually bomb-proof a building. It helps to keep the building standing after a car bomb goes off. Windows and doors are history though. It was amazing. It also kept the truck bed of a truck with a bomb under it intact, with a bulge, so it could protect convoys from road side bombs.

Yea, the sneak peak was awesome, can't wait till it comes out. My e-mail marked you as spam! : P

I have it set to notify me by e-mail of comments, and it put you (and only you) into the junk pile. Don't worry, I told it you were not junk. : P

There is already the How's it Made series, that I have not been able to catch any of the shows.....and Assignment Discovery, and Best Evidence; Oh, that reminds me, I finally got to see the Hot Water Heater (rocket) LOL That was awesome, and scary.

I watch How it's Made as background when I am doing homework.

Episode one of Some Assembly Required, says it will have on the show: Hosts Brian Unger and Lou Bloomfield sew up a moonbounce, build a Zamboni ice resurfacer, and turn sand into hurricane-proof windows.

So, the hosts on Some Assembly Required build the things? Otherwise it's a copy of How It's Made.

I don't know yet. I don't think it has aired yet. I want to catch the 1/13 showing if I can.

Oh and Some Assembly Required looks good too.

Yea, that water heater was impressive, and as you said, scary.

What about Doctor Who? And surely you have seen Stargate?

Stargate sucks! its really weird. and tv in general sucks - don't watch it

I'm sorry but...

Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis OWN!!!!

Glad to get that off my chest LOL

I liked the first year of Stargate, but I thought it started to get a little old by the second season (I only got to see it occasionally, and only because of the Doc; she was so cute LOL ) We don't even have to mention individually the Un-real Reality shows that "crawled" out of the woodwork. *sigh* Does anyone else like Eureka! ? I know it gets a bit campy now and then, but I am watching for a whole different reason then most I guess. And if we really wish to speak of insanity; I guess we can not go without mentioning: Robot Chicken.

Robot Chicken FTW! Surely you know the team has defeated Gou' uld and are now faced with the Ori? And that the city of the ancients has been discovered? And that Teal'c now has hair?

Ori, a Hebrew word many times translated as "light" or as "my light". Ok, And so, what's different that goes on? They shoot at each other and, and, and um, then they talk a bit and shoot at each other again LOL Don't get me wrong, I am not downing the program per se, just that MY opinion of it is that "the old house gets a new coat of paint each year, but it is still the old house." :-)

YAGH! How many did you actually watch? Although the storyline is rather simple in the first several seasons, once you get the main story line it all makes sense. The Ori is a religious group of Ancients (the builders of the Stargate system) who are attempting to dominate the galaxy. The Ori is there self given name, what it translates to has een mentioned more than a few times.

I come across it now and then when I have nothing better on and nothing better I can do at the time....but the scenes are just so....I don't know, similar to things I have seen already (maybe in other shows?). When I like Sci-Fi, I like to have some story line, sure but there should be a bit of science involved to....rather then just fighting. This was what I liked about Asimov's, I, Robot series of stories. Unlike the totally different movie, it was a fascinating journey into the human psyche and what it would be like to implant that in a machine, with limits to "make it safe".

Doctor Whoowns modern SFTV (good grief, did I just say "owns"?)

Torchwood is getting better, and aiming for second place.

Eureka is nice, and easy to watch even if you miss a couple.

Stargatewas brilliant - an outstanding spinoff of an OK movie that has been spoiled in latter series, especially by cast changes.

Stargate Atlantis was a good idea, but it failed in the execution, especially now that the "twist" of extreme isolation now seems to have been removed by regular visits to and from Earth.

Original ( authentic? ) Star Trek was good, and still is if you remember what the level of technology actually was when it was first broadcast. The various version since then? Meh, they fill a bit of dead time.

I'd classify Lost as SF as well, but satellite scheduling meant I missed too many to make sense of the story. However. I've heard a lot of good things about it from people whose opinions I trust. Maybe one day I'll borrow the box set and spend several days catching up...

Have you ever viewed Far Scape ? Now there is a weird concoction if I ever saw one.

Oh, I forgot about that - sorry, that was another good idea that just didn't work.

Yeah, they made it just a little too far out there for the "normal" viewing audience. It was better written then the Star Trek: Voyager series though. They just "made things up" to get out of impossible scenarios in Voyager.


How could I forget Heroes??

I couldn't get to watch Heroes in sequence (Saturday reruns now and then) so it was more confusing then anything, so I am a bit lost in the arena :-)

I hate to be /that guy/, but it really is "Farscape". No spaces or hyphens required. I think I watched the tenth season of Stargate because 'Vala' and 'Mitchell' were both played by actors from Farscape. Just amused me to see them playing almost the same characters on a new show.

Lost makes no sense at all...
But I agree with you on most points, however cast changes are necessary if your actors are getting, um, uh you know um (can't bring himself to say Richard Dean Anderson is getting old...)

Yes you did indeed say "owns"

Haveing lived through the Original Dr. Who, and the very poor and not so special effects, the new one was refreshing....for awhile anyways, what little I got to see of it. What we need, to supliment "America's Most Smartest Models" is "America's Most Best Writers" LOL

Sylvester McCoy!!!! He was the best.

>I just remembered I missed the latest! quick, quick mininova!

>The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:
>Linux, Microsoft Windows, UNIX/BSD

yeah, I did like the old series too, but many of the "props" were hokeyer than the those on the first year of Star Trek :-) Hmm, can I revise your list a bit from my point of view ? you wrote: Linux, MS Windows, UNIX/BSD I would refine it further as: Linux, VISTA, UNIX/BSD :-)

UNIX isn't *that* bad...

Linux, XP, Vista.

Me thinks I want to try UNIX out sometime. =)