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Looking for Seville Orange Flavoured Coffee or the receipe? Answered

I used to buy this coffee at Rafal's in Detroit (Leading spice importer) but it closed down and none of the local specialty grocery stores sell the coffee, Amazon lists the coffee but it is unobtainable at this time. I tried adding Kroger orange essence to generic run 'o' the mill coffee but it was weak (Even after adding the entire little bottle) and it had a "Candy" like flavour that was actually slightly sweet and not like the coffee which is slightly bitter. I have my trusty Ronco dehydrator and have considered looking for tart Florida oranges to dry and cut for use in the mix. I came up empty on a Yahoo and Google search and so hopefully someone has the smarts and knowledge to replicate the coffee. I prefer to make things myself over buying them but desperation is setting in and I will break down and buy coffee if I need to.


Amazon shows it available.

So does Nancy's coffee.

And YesCoffee does also.

I just googled "Seville Orange Flavoured Coffee" and these came up.  I didn't not go thru the process of ordering to see if they showed as back ordered though.

Good luck,

I will look online later today. Thanks for these leads, I had never heard of YesCoffee before. Thanks again.

" didn't not" should have been "did not" or just plain "didn't", your choice.


7 years ago

Just bought some today at Merchant's Fine Wine on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn. It's 9.99 a pound. Description says "These choice beans are flavored with selected orange extract while still warm from roasting. Enhanced with delicious orange peel."

I used to buy a coffee with a hint of orange called "Juliette's Blend" at the old Merchant of Vino, before Whole Foods bought them out. Merchant's Fine Wine is the part that wasn't sold. They tell me that Juliette's Blend was probably a combination of Seville Orange and something else, so I'm trying it with their house blend.

Hope I get the right mix - I LOVED that coffee! And I hope this helps you.

Many thanks indeed for the lead. I am headed to Dearborn to visit FoMoCo so I plan on visiting this store today to pick some up.