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Looking for Someone in the NYC area to Help My Start Up Company (we are Mechanically-Challenged) Build A Gadget - WILL PAY!! Answered

My startup company is looking to construct a small gadget that should be simple to create for anyone with knowledge of voltage and converters. We would appreciate any responses from persons in the NYC area who are interested, or any referrals. We will pay and are willing to negotiate fees - so if you are interested in making extra cash for a job that will not be time consuming and will likely be simple for most who are mechanically inclined, please contact me. You can post to this discussion, contact my instructables inbox at sadesquire, or email me at sdymond@heptagroup.com. thanks




10 years ago

I'll sign up @ £25 per hour. 9-5, 5 days a week, 300 days a year. =)

If you're being serious, don'tcha mean 250 days a year?

is there much difference?

The difference will be about 2 days for a weekend, rather then just one day.

52 weeks in a year, 5 working days in a week -> 250 days, with two weeks off for vacation. Not to mention the fact that $25/hr is very low for an engineering consultant. For a contract job, you typically want to aim for about 2x what you would expect for salary as a full-time employee.

Oh ok, I see. ;-)

All this discussion of days per year, I think it's a one-off job they're asking for.

So I can't dream?

You certainly can't commute ...

What the heck, if it is a one-off they're after, drop them an email. It might be a job you can make and mail them.

I can't? you said yourself you thought I was enigmatic.... so maybe I can.

That would sound a little fishy (or maybe even phishy) to me; there are no mechanically inclined persons in the area? Hmmm :-)

About 50 days worth, I'd say. But that's just a guess. ;-)