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Looking for a K'NEX Reunion Answered

I'm looking to find and contact all of the old K'NEXers so we can keep in touch.

I still know how to reach a few people, but this post is my final attempt at locating the following people. Search status is in brackets by each name. [Pending] = I've contacted them. [Found] = established semi-permanent communications. No brackets = no trace. 

-Hunter999 (one of my best friends on 'Ibles back when) [pending]
-The Red Book of Westmarch [pending]
-E Pluribus Unum 
-Didexo [pending]
-TheDunkis [found- hooray!]
-Sorunome [pending]

Bonus points!:

-KillerK [pending]
-I Am Canadian
-The Jamalam

I remember you guys. You were the best. I hope I can talk to most of you again, and I hope you remember me.




Anyone interested in going to a K'nex WAR?! Let's make this happen again!

As always, interested but not set on driving for a day for just another day or two of interaction. Perhaps if I can convince more people to join me.

Hey! I'm still knexing, working on a big new project

OMG why am I in that list?

Anyhow, you can find me regulary over on knexflux: https://knexflux.net

I'm dmytro509 btw

(DJ radio, and the guy from New York will remember me from


aww I'm not on here? :(

Lots of people I should've remembered mentioning I forgot. You still have the honorary title of person who indirectly inspired me to start the Oodassault 3 series.

lol that got me beaming :)

I completely forgot about oodassault pistols lmao.

Been for the first time trying to think up a practical war weapon because I still don't care for the TR. Yesterday I was toying with the idea of making the (as far as I know) first bolt action Oodammo weapon. Otherwise trying to think of a way to make an NAR-esque system for a repeater, Oodammo doesn't suffer from too much friction otherwise. I'd rather have an Oodammo pistol than a TR.

Why exactly don't you care for the TR?

Woah! Guys! I remember almost everyone on this list! What's happening/where's life brought you/where've you brought life??

I'm currently working as a mechanical engineering intern for Codelco, a mining company in Chile, which has been incredible, though the office work doesn't quite suit me. Too much typing and clicking...not enough making! I've been on Instructables a lot recently to see what kinds of things I can work on when I get back Stateside, but hadn't looked at these forums. Its great to see this.

Any chance of making something with K'nex soonish?

Well I get back home where all my K'nex are on September 1st. By September 2nd I will have built a few of my old guns again. I built a pretty cool pump-action last year, but it wasn't all that eficient so I never said anything about it. Maybe I'll try to improve the concept. It was pretty much this gun but with a turret on it. The concept is great because neither the pump or the ram are limited to length. I've also had a full auto (mechanically timed, so controlled) concept in my head for a while, but it may require too much precision for K'nex. Its fairly simple though, which makes it plausible. I may give it a go, and then school atarts up again on the 7th I think.

That's a long wait, but at least you'll be giving something a shot. I recently had an idea for an automatic round chambering gun. I basically want to replace bolt actions and turrets with this new ranged repeater method. Just haven't put any effort into building recently.

So how exactly would the fully auto work? My idea would be to use a long stroke piston system similar to real firearms to actuate the trigger after the fired round has flung. I've also seen an idea for an escapement mechanism, though I don't think that'd work so efficiently. Curious to see what you've come up with.

That's cool, what does it consist of? I remember back when gray spacer "shells" were in style, but only for aesthetic purposes. They could be used to increase performance by isolating the round from any magazine forces if the gun is designed correctly, AND it would have that cool shell ejecting aesthetic.

The full auto concept would consist of "cartridges", which would be an extremely simple "gun" in itself made up of nothing more than orange connectors, a firing pin, a block trigger, and two rods. These would be loaded into the gun, and pushed upwards by a pusher. The firing pin of the upper-most cartridge would line up with a turret (preferably 18 shots), whose axis of rotation is above the cartridges. The turret would be fixed to the axle (which might complicate winding, but I think other methods could be used), which would be connected to a cog or perhaps wheels, which the in-position cartridge would rest against. The trigger would be very simple-just a piece that drops down on the block-trigger of the in-position cartridge. Thus, when the trigger comes down on the block-trigger, the cartridge fires off, shooting one round from the turret, causing the turret to rotate, causing the wheels or cog upon which the cartridge is resting to rotate, thus ejecting the cartridge, allowing the magazine pusher to push the next one into place. If the trigger is still pulled, it will disengage the block trigger of the next cartridge as it comes up, repeating the reaction. If the trigger is still pulled, the next cartridge will just move into place, but not fire off. The mechanical timing here is due to the fact that the first round must be fired for the next cartridge to be in place. There are some obvious challenges with this idea, but many of them are due to K'nex geometry. If this can't be done with K'nex, I will machine a working version, because I think the concept itself is a reasonable one.

Sounds like a neat concept. It would be great to see you post something new!

Basically, have a magazine feeding horizontally into the gun in a chamber bellow the barrel similar to a bolt action. When the pin is uncharged, against the back of the gun, it pushes a pin which ramps a platform down letting a round into the chamber. Then when you pull the firing pin back, tensions raises the platform up into the barrel. This removes the bolt handle element, which could increase range and reliability. Doesn't seem too difficult in theory but haven't had the patience to try it yet.

Yeah, I also considered using shells for a power repeater. But it'd still be more of a novelty than a practical ranged solution.

Isn't that essentially just a more complicated gatling styled gun? You rely on a turret to hold the ammo, you might as well just make each a separate barrel and then mechanically control the rate at which the barrels rotate and fire. But good luck.

Ok, I got it. The only problem I see with that is that part of your firing energy, however seemingly little, will be spent lowering the platform. A little energy goes a long way when it comes to range. I would try to design the gun so that the trigger takes care of this function. I do think that horizontal magazines can play an important role in round-isolation. Remember my KLS V.2? It used a very effective elevator mechanism that lifted the round quite a bit. This part of the gun never had any quirks or problems. Now, imagine this system in a repeating sling. For simplicity, consider that we are using a snowflake connector, maybe with spokes (doesn't matter right now) to hold the band or string. This would obviously located right behind where the bullet would end up as the trigger lifts it. Now, right where the bullet would end up, there would be a "button" of sorts, that releases the rubber band. So, when the bullet is pushed up, it pushes up the "button", setting off the rubber band and consequently the bullet. This eliminates any need of having the cocking action to also chamber the round, making it much more simple, and thus, in the world of K'nex, feasible.

Yeah, shells COULD have potential, but I don't think I'll try it.

And yeah, you're right haha, it would be more aesthetic than anything, though you would have the advantage of eliminating the rotating pins that would get in the way of everything. I'd still like to see if it works.

Well that's why it'd be only after the round has fired. The way to imagine it is that the force of the bands from the firing pin simply resting against the back of the gun would be applied to the platform. Because no matter how perfect, there'd still probably be a connector's width of space between when the bullet is hit and the back of the gun that could be applied to moving the platform. I was playing with the idea of incorporating this into the pin guide actually. That said, the trigger doing the action as well is possible, like a gun firing from an open bolt. I feel a little more iffy about that one, I don't like the idea of connecting the action to the trigger, but it's certainly an alternative.

I get what you're saying, but I still think you'd be a little better off with a piston system where the second round only fires after the first round has not only left the magazine but has left the barrel as well. Otherwise remember that all the sling bands are still stacked together over the top of the barrel, and it could goof things up if a round is able to fire at all while another round is still slinging. But I don't know for sure, your idea sounds plausible as well.

Indeed. Still would be cool to see what you do. I had a magazine and gun design in mind for one, a backup for when I needed to build but had no better ideas. I also had an idea for a magazine that mitigated the capacity problem by double stacking the shelled rounds, but I didn't figure out a gun for it yet. Was also hoping I could figure out a way to cram them into my rotary magazine.

Yeah, just for the sake of it, it sounds like an interesting idea so go for it.

Kinetic is alive! It's been years, hasn't it? Chile, huh? That sounds pretty remote to us American folks. How is the standard of living over there?

Haha alive and well! Yeah, years. I remember putting the finishing touches on my Kinno 2 instructible in my freshman dorm room. Now I'm in my fourth year living in a house strangely stuck between the mountains and the metropolis of downtown Santiago in a much more contemplative, much less pragmatic stage of my life. Chile is exciting, though I'm not the biggest fan of the city life. Especially because of the pollution. Given that Santiago is located in a valley, the pollution has nowhere to go, and as we're entering winter (I haven't had a summer in so long!) it's beginning to fall to the streets. Regarding standard of living, it really depends on where you live. There is a huge economic gap, and this is very apparent in the city's infrastructure. Many houses and buildings don't have central heating or AC, though the ones in the nicer areas do. I get by with this little electric heater by my desk. I've only had the opportunity to travel a little bit, and by what I've seen Santiago is by far the most modern region in the country. So it's not as comfortable as the states, but that gives it a whole new flavor of interesting. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wow, I can't believe that it's been more than three and a half years since you posted the Kinno 2. It's still the most advanced K'nex gun on Instructables (and anywhere else) by far. It almost seems like yesterday when you were telling me about a "Eureka" moment that you had when building a K'nex gun. =) Man, how time flies. Chile sounds cool. I wouldn't be a fan of the pollution, though. So the pollution falls like snow? Sounds pretty unpleasant. I think I would enjoy living in a more rural area of Chile. Then again, the rural areas are probably quite backward and without modern conveniences. Well, I guess there are pros and cons wherever you live. I hear that the fjords of Chile are amazing to visit (they're probably a long trip from Santiago, though). That's cool that you're content where you're at.

Yeah me niether...that was probably the only gun I built where everything just worked exactly the way it was supposed to, cleanly and without hiccups. Can't wait to build it again when I get back. It seems innovation has been slow since I was active...it was slowing down then too... but I have seen a few funs that surprise me, using bolt action methods, slings, or horizontal mags. I am especially excited about TD's new magazine, and especially the fact that he was able to incorporate it into a bolt-action system. I hope the community sees the potential there.

Not quite like snow, but the fog just condenses and lowers itself to street-level, instead of hanging out up in the sky. But yeah the rural areas are incredible. Looks like the fjords are way down south, but maybe I'll be able to make it there. And I can't say that I'm content, in fact I can't wait to go back to the States. I'd only say that I was content if it meant that I see the value in the profound highs and lows of being away from home for so long (going on 10 months!). That is to say, how can one paint a masterpiece without a rainbow of colors at his disposal? There's not much color in contentedness, but no painting would be complete without the properly-placed grays either. I tend to think a lot at work lol.

That sounds really cool actually! Chile would be cool to visit. I'm in the Air Force now learning how to fix aircraft electronics. Won't have access to my knex for quite a while, but I'm thinking of picking up the 6' ferris wheel as it is over 8k classic parts for $450 and I could build a few guns with that. Lots of black rods/yellow and orange connectors.

Yeah man, if you ever have the opportunity, visit. It is an extremely beautiful country, due in part to its diversity. Its over 4000km long! I'll be taking a long weekend to travel to the desert in a couple weeks. It sounds great, what you're doing. Sounds like it will be very hands-on. If you look on ebay, you can actually find some really good deals for K'nex. I picked up thousands and thousands of parts before I left to build my closer friends their very own TR-8's. Had some bloody fingers after that endeavor! Also the K'nex website isn't a bad choice for smaller-quantity, special pieces.

it had been awhile! Still have my Knex.

If it weren't for Racker I wouldn't have known it was Kyle... I second the question, but it's good to see you.

Just spotted this - I'm around from time to time, hardly post anything though. I'm usually busy with uni and I'll be travelling a lot this summer but I'll be sure to check in more regularly. I have a week or two after finals where I'll be at home with no job to go to so I might have to get the K'Nex out and see if I still remember how to build! I'm usually around on Facebook at least once a day, so if you want to contact me there, send me a message.

Man I'm suprised there are still active knexers here! I drop by once or twice a year to see what's up.

Wow, it's cool to see some of the *original* original people are still around too! I'll send you a PM...

12 years later and I still build the ugliest guns


Can always take a functional weapon and make it look better. Can't necessarily add functionality to a pretty shell. But god I still can't tell what's going on with your guns regardless how simple they appear. What's this, some sort of pump action?

Pump action with a very strange trigger mechanism. A series of pistons and ramps that goes around the back of the gun, then over the top.


Now that's a bunch of hullabaloo. If it's pump action, I assume it repeats, so what's it feed from? And what's with the retro-looking keyboard?

Turret. (not pictured)

Keyboard isn't retro, it's a Realforce. I got it in white so it's easier to see in the dark.

Dude I ought to get back to that with you (probably not that one, because it sucked throbbing members), trying stuff out like 8? months ago was fun

Ahhhh. Logged back in after a VERY VERY LONG TIME. Glad to see this post. Good job NK :)


2 years ago

KGB went off to the Ireland military I believe.

Yeah don't know about that Hunter dude, seems he went AWOL. I heard he lurks here and there with a low profile though... R.I.P? XD

Very happy to see you're still around. You are the most silent of all of us. :P

Silent? Aha how so? XD I lurk when I'm busy. I've got like 12 unread inbox messages, should probably get reading...

Your page is devoid of activity lol. That's how I assumed you were gone.

I'll come back this summer with something, but I'm alive don't worry ;-)

Same here. I have a few drafts that are one click away from published.