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Looking for a (flash) weather widget? Answered

A colleague needs a software thingie "that can be embedded (HTML), or SWF Flash file that can be downloaded and run locally."

Ideally he's after something with similar (animated) aesthetics to this (see also image), that can can be modified to suit the needs or whims of those above my paygrade.

Thanks, chaps.



5 years ago

Here's an example using the uninspiring but useful Met office widget- save the file, rename to .html and you should be able to open it in your browser. I haven't found any particularly shiny looking ones yet...

I doubt an $8 license would cover use in school displays?

I have asked... thanks :)

If we can grab that one it would be *PERFECT* (assuming it supports UK locations too...)

The met office one aint bad. It's not as pretty as that HTC Sense UI one, but it's one of the better I've seen.