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Looking for a "trial" pro membership code Answered

I am new to the site and was looking to see if anyone might be gracious enough to send along a pro membership code for a trial basis (was thinking a month or two).  I just had my first son back in July and I am really interested in improving my skills in a few areas (wood-working, electrical, and tech related to raspberry pi).  Looking to build a few cool projects for my boy and have the skills to pass along to him when the timing is right.  The pro features (downloading some of the project PDFs, specifically) look like they would be really helpful in getting my feet off the ground and I just have a pretty limited budget (as one might imagine with a new born).

Just thought I would throw out a line and see if anyone is willing.  By the way - this site has some of the most amazing designs and DIY projects I have ever seen, hoping to stick around and contribute here when I can!



I just sent you one of my pro memberships. I hope that you use it to share some awesome projects.

Do you by any chance another pro membership? Love to try it! Just sign up for woodworking class at local college

Easiest way to get a pro is to make a good Instructable and to get featured ;)

This is incredibly generous of you! Thank you so much and rest assured that I will absolutely share my projects!