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Looking for an Electrical Engineer to partner with Answered

Hi - I've got a business idea that requires hardware and I can't build the thing myself.  I'll write the software for it, but I need assistance building the circuitry.

The circuitry involved would include a temp sensor, R/F communications module, photodiode, memory (possibly micro SD), controller,  and a timer in a very small form factor (about the size of a cigar tube).

I'll split any profits from selling the device 50/50 with the HW designer.  I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going.

Please contact me here or at bret at thelastmilellc dot com.




how can I be of assistance?

I wonder if you would contact me regarding the possibility of a joint venture.


Thanks for responding. I don't know if you can help - what's your experience level with microcontrollers and wifi chips? Can you design a circuit and PCB to incorporate sensors, microcontrollers, photodiodes, etc?

Please contact me privately at bret at thelastmilellc dot com if you have reasonable experience with the hardware I listed.



I can help you. You can see a sensory device I just built and patented at: http://www.ctlogicsystems.com/edas.html

The size of a cigar tube is not hard. I would recommend the Arduino Nano as a first thought.

-Jonathan Brand

AIUI, if the device is patented, you must now list the patent number

OK. Why do you use the word "must" -? I joined today, is it a rule?

The patent number is available at http://www.ctlogicsystems.com/edas.html

No, not for here, but on your website. I didn't see it there.


(note, I'm offering to help if your idea sounds like a good investment of effort.) it's easier to give me a call: 201-661-3443

-Ah right,
Bret, you will need me to sign the NDA before calling. You can mail it to me at englishtutornj@gmail.com I will print, sign and send it to you via USPS.