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Looking for some ideas or for some advice for a dehydrator Answered

looking for some help Im not sure how to do the setup

The materials I have....

-mini BBQ
-small space heater

please help maybe draw a sketch , the winner wins the first batch of beef jerky hahaha


You will probably need to keep the heater in its upright position. Most modern electric heaters have a a safety switch that turns the heater off if it gets knocked over. A better solution might be to not use the old grill but rather line a cardboard box with aluminum foil and place the heater either inside the box or pointing into it.

Have you got any measurements? Specifically, would the heater fit inside the barbecue?

the heater would fit but im worried it would overheat causeing a short or worse a FIRE!!

I was thinking of adding some duct but i dont have the tools to cut a hole in the bbq

Drill holes in the bottom, and let heated air rise into the barbecue?

I thought of that should take the shell off ( plastic ) Im worried that the plasic would melt