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Looking for someone to identify this object? Answered

Recieved this item as a challenge to figure out what it is. The drill bit in the picture comes out of the end of the tool and the tool itself has three adjustable jaws that are sharp at one end.  The only other interesting marking is the drill bit has a hole drilled in the end of it.


That is a tobacco pipe reamer, possibly a "Sr. Reamer" brand.

They are used for maintaining tobacco pipes, the expanding reamer end trims the "cake" or the ash layer buildup in a pipe to keep it from getting too thick and cracking a briar wood pipe. The drill bit part is to clear the stem of a pipe if it has build up after lots of use.

thank you very much for your assistance. Once you said that it made perfect sense.

Are you sure that's not a defunct Sonic Screwdriver?

Here you go.