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Looking for someone to test my web-host? Answered

I have created a web-host and was looking for someone who wanted to try it out. I have 3 servers set up, 1 for each package. If you are interested in trying my hosting just say so and I will pm you the url to the site, and yes the hosting is free. Thank you.

UPDATE: This offer is still open!



7 years ago

i'll look at it

you want to try my host? Ok, I'll pm you the url to the site.

. My local server is down until I get around to replacing the boot drive. I have a PHP script that I was running ~once-a-day (getting number of Best Answers for a list of ~70 Iblers; with a two second pause between users it usually runs in less than 240 secs) until the server went down. If it will help you test your setup, I can run the script from your system instead of putting it on one of my paid hosts.

I'd be interested soon, I've been intending to sort out my site, it's plain html, images, no videos or large downloadables needing hosted, if you just need a test run I could FTP a copy of my site on to the server, however it's been down for a long time so traffic wouldn't be quick...