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Looking for the smallest wide angle lens I can find Answered

I have a droid incredible and I love taking pictures with its awesome 8MP camera.  I don't like its depth of field however.  I'm sitting here right now, looking at the camera enclosure, and I'm wondering if I might be able to pop open the red dome of the camera and slide in a tiny wide angle lens.  I've seen the cellphone wide angle lens kits you can buy for things like your iphone, and I actually did buy one for my Zi6.  Worked amazingly well, but even in that small form factor, it sticks out too far for me if i were to use this on my droid inc.

I'm looking for an elegant solution that keeps the wide angle in the enclosure, and can't be knocked off or removed while in the pocket.

How feasible would this be?  Would it be possible to find a small enough piece of glass that would give a wide angle view in such a small form factor?  I'm just guessing here, but I'd say the diameter would be 8mm and probably 2 or 3 mm in depth.  Thats pretty tiny...

Anyway, I just wanted to get some suggestions from the DIY crowd.  I'll include some pictures of the camera's enclosure to take a look at.



you could have one made..... look around for local (or use internet) optics places. like a laser/camera/microscope type optic, not a glasses type optic maker, then ask how much it would be.

price may be reasonable.... (am NOT speaking from experience, mind you)

Other then carrying around a Door peep hole for holding in front of the lens, or something like this, I have nothing.

Hmm... thats an idea, a lens from a door peep. I'll look into that, although it may be more of a fisheye effect than a simple wide angle.

I did have the wide angle lens attachment you linked, and it's awesome, but as I mentioned above, it sticks out, and can easily get knocked off in the pocket.

Yeah, shortly after your reply, I started doing a little research. I think what I need to figure out now, is what type of distortion I would be happy with, and what that would be in degrees. Seems like most door peep lenses are 200˚ fov.

I think for the wide angle I'm looking for... I may only want 180, or smaller. But I don't know what a typical wide angle is in degrees, so now I'm researching that.

Thanks again.

Are you suggesting cataract surgery for your droid?