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Looking for video game design team. Answered

Hello. I'm looking for some individuals with at least a small amount of experience to start a group make 3D games on the unity engine. I would like to mostly make RPG shooters or RPG fantasy games. 

What do we need:
Coders- c#, Python or Java.
Level design - Done in unity
Modelers - Pretty much anything will work.
Anything else you think we need.

Level of experience needed: Very low, You just need to know basically what your doing. 

If your interested or have questions just reply to this and ill try to get back to you as quickly as i can.


Hey, i have develop my own strategy

multiplayer game, i know how hard can be to start a project and most
importantly to finish it, i have intermediate knowledge of c# and JS, i have
experience using Unity engines and i know what is it like to make your own game
from scratches. I would love to hear more about your project.

you can contact me at nicolaszuain3@hotmail.com

Would you at all need a script/story writer? I've been writing for some time and am currently writing the dialog and story of an indie game I one day hope will see the light of day.


I know basic Java I'm a level designer voice actor and I can do a little bit of modeling
you can contact me at Ideath96@gmail.com

You may need voice actors if you want voices

I can help create levels for the game and help with the script


I can write a script/story for the game. email is frechettelive@hotmail.com

I could help out with modeling let me know csbiltz08@gmail.com

hey guys, check out the topic my public minecraft server. I will openit sometime today. :)

I don't have much knowledge in any of this, but I could help with storyline. I have many ideas for storyline.

I am interested in finding out more, I have been learning Python and enjoy making games. I only know Python 3 though and have never made a 2d or 3d game, just text games as of now, but I want to learn something like Tkinter or Pygame to make graphics games. Thanks, I am interested in more info.


I'm interested in contributing to your project, I'm an architect by profession and currently practicing in London, but I have a good set if skills ranging from 3d modelling to 2d concept art, not to mention a good grasp of architecture, building design and CAD software. Some of my work is on www.akberakhan.com but it's pretty outdated now. If you email me I can send you more current works. Anyone else in this thread is more than welcome to contact me also. akber.a.khan@gmail.com




Hi my name is Helge.
I’m 16 years old and I come from Denmark.

Though despite my young age, I have some degree of skill in gameplay-design, level-design, 3D modeller, 2D- and 3D Animation.

I’ve worked on engines such as UDK, Unity and some minor CRY-Engine too. I’ve designed levels for Far-cry 2, such as “the two hotels” as well as minecraft structures and dungeons.
My animation skills are not as advanced as my design counterpart, but it’s still quite good. I have experience in both adobe flash and Blender.

If you are interested here is some links for you to look at some of my most recent work down below.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. :)


Hi, we need a game designer for a massive RPG fantasy game. interested? mail me at cjs.bikkuk at gmail.


4 years ago

I'm interested in working with you to create a video game. I just graduated from the University of Central Florida and I'm looking for a fun team to work with! I studied Game design for 2 years and Character Animation for 3. I have a general understanding of modeling, UVing, texturing, lighting, rigging, animating. I'm proficient in Maya, Mudbox, UV Layout, Ps, and others. I play well with others =] I feel comfortable leading a team, or working as part of one. Please feel free to contact me about the project! riftwalkpenta@gmail.com

Im very interested, I know a little with blender and have friends who know c+ and java coding, I myself have little experience and am not very talented at game creating, but I learn fast, Im determined, I am very skilled in marketing though although I have little experience, and I have some epic ideas, and when I say epic I mean big, challenging, awesome ideas, I am interested in making the same types of games you have said, but my primary interests are gang based and mmo's, so, as you probably guessed, I have an epic Idea for a gang based mmo, but Im sweet for working on anything, Im pretty easy when it comes to sitting back and taking instructions. max.murray268@gmail.com please dont chain mail, spam mail or rant (as in politics and stuff) mail me.

Hi my name is Royal and im doing every thing in my power to become a game designer. i have a eye for art and a passion for video games. i have great ideas and im trying to start with a small company or a small group of friends just to get my foot in the door to show off my great skills and ideas. i have a few ideas that could jump start some ones career and then leave me to continue on my own(of wanted), i just want to get my foot in the door to show what ideas i have and to see how far i can go to change the world of games as we know it. if any one wants to start there own bussiness and need a jump start game idea im the one your looking for! my email is royalevolution91@yahoo.com

im interested

i'm interested, im new to this but i learned some things i definately cant do javascript

Hey I'm a voice over artist. If you need voice over work for your game(s) please let me know. Here's a link to my voice reel:


I can make some stuff in blender dont know how to animate but i am self teaching myself so ill figure it out

Now I am interested in it. And I worked for a little mobile Game team for iOS App game developing. PM me.

I would like to join in as well. What exactly do you need? Marketing, Ideas, Testers? lol i have all of that covered if need be. Post or email em. ill check it.

Hey, I'm interested, I work with blender, cinema 4d, some zbrush, sculptris and some 3dsmax. I also draw, mostly comic book, fantasy, some sci fi. send me a message.

I also have Unity3d..the pro version...

Hey...im in..totally...i got beginner skills in python and javascript. I am rapidly learning though

i also make models in blender....i would love to join

i hope its not too late

Hey! Hope this response isn't too late.
I'm in pursuit of becoming a Computer Programmer / Game Developer.
I can code in a nice handful of languages (Pertaining to what you asked: C# and Java).
I'd love to be on board with you guys, let me know if there's still an opportunity here!

My email is PRovneyko (at) comcast (dot) net
[just in case emails aren't allowed..]

Thanks in advance,

GREAT! your on the team. to be honest i need everyone i can get so if you have any body you know that can help please bring them on board

Is there a better way to contact you? I have skype!
I'd like to talk more about what you've got going on already and what I can add to the table.

Thanks again!

So, are you only looking for deelopers, programmers, modelers and stuff? Or could you se some concept artists and such.

to be honest i need all the help i can get. so if you can put together a team of people that can help that would be great. also its a nintendo ds 4th gen based on.

Well, i am only 13, so I don't know how much I can offer. I can draw farly well. And I design guns and armor alot. So If I were to help you, I would be helping with the concept art and design of landscapes and stuff.

Ive been looking for a team also. I have some people that have limited knowledge but are willing to learn. I personally am more interested in the business aspect of game design but i also like to learn and work.

i also have a video game i am trying to make and i am also in need of a team.
i am using RPG maker vx ace and have all of the game on paper but making it is a TOTALLY different story. so i was wondering if we could all work together with both games.

Hey I've been using Unity 3d for about a year or so and I believe that i know the basics of unity. I've even made a few of my own games that i could send you. I'm only 16 but I'd be wiling to do whatever to help the group. E-mail me if you need me on the team!

interested ! unity 3d , 3ds max , zbrush :) emaail me!

I am very interested in this. I'm am currently in college learning and would enjoy having some actual experience. I can make some textures, am decent in maya and though I am still learning I am decent at making some props such as rooms, tables, or other things like that. I also can work in flash. I do have a few questions about this project and if is not too much trouble I would like to ask these questions and see just how this will all work and how it will lay out. Thank you and have a good day.