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Looking to build a shutdown timer ? Answered

I want to hook something up to a console so that after a certain amount of time say 30 minutes, the console will lose all its power, how would i go about doing this?


Thanks Lemonie think this might be the easiest option if i cant salvage a timer Thanks...


6 years ago

After forgetting to unplug a soldering iron for about 24 hours a few years back, I decided I needed something similar. I found a countertop automatic coffee maker with a built-in shut off at a thrift store. I took the timer out of the coffee maker, wired an outlet to it and put it in a small box. Anything connected to the outlet now automatically shuts down one hour after turning it on.
And as a bonus I use the coffee maker's warming plate, which I also salvaged, to keep my coffee cup hot when I'm in my workshop.

Lol i had the exact same problem a month ago, i will look into my coffee maker and see if it has a shut off and also salvage the warming plate as a bonus :)

I run my colder irons off the light switch.


That is an option, but you want to be very careful, If it's for what it sounds like, you can have catastrophic failure of the gamesave files, or the entire file system of the console by just killing the power. They have warnings at the start of every game 'do not power off while disc is active" and there's a good reason; lots of people pooch their consoles doing it.

Perhaps a better solution is to cut off the controller, video signal, or tv system after that time.