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Looking to commission cardboard optimus prime costume Answered

I want someone to build this for me https://www.instructables.com/id/Building-Optimus-Prime/ since i cant do it myself.. Xl any offers? :D


Hey buddy,

I'm guessing you're most likely based in the US? Which sucks because I'm based in the UK, and would have loved to help you complete this, I still could but postage etc... would be an absolute nightmare.

If it helps I could help you out with printable plans for the suit? I recently built this


So I have a few plans drawn up, as well as printable plans for the helmet you see in the pictures..

Let me know if this might be any use to you and I can fire the files over to you.


Can you afford it?

The materials may only cost $30 - $40, but the labour costs would be many hundreds of dollars more, and then you need to get it delivered.

Maybe you ought to say how much you can afford to pay, then see if anybody can make it within your budget?

I was expecting to pay around 200$ or so not counting the materials but now that you mention it that does sound like a little..

I would also pay for materials and shipping