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Looking to make a metal frame/wood topped coffee table, does anyone know where I can find metal framing materials? Answered

I'm a bit of a newbie, looking to make a table kind of like this: 
http://ab.weimgs.com/weimgs/ab/images/wcm/products/201525/0565/img95o.jpg.  (image attached also)

The wood top isn't a problem, but I'm having a world of trouble locating materials for the frame part, particularly in customizable specs so I can keep the table narrow.

If any seasoned builders know a good source, or have any other useful tips about my hopeful project, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks :)

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steveastroukBest Answer (author)2015-07-03



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ivysaurus (author)steveastrouk2015-07-04

Exactly what I was looking for!

Unfortunately my roommate got impatient and went ahead and ordered the table in the picture instead of waiting for me to build it -__- but thank you, good to have this resource in my books :)

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rickharris (author)2015-07-03

Which country do you live in.

in the Uk some where like this has all you need


In the USA you can prob get what you need in one of the big box DIY stores.

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Wired_Mist (author)rickharris2015-07-03


I can buy it at just about any Local Hardware Store!

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