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Looking to make tiny motorized track for spice storage? Answered

I need more spice storage than any spice rack I can find.  My cabinet space is roughly 23 inches by 11 inches.  I would like to build some sort of serpentine track through the entire space that can hopefully be motorized to carry standard size spice bottles around for display.  I have considered using train track but the trains that would run on track that can make the radius turn required (roughly 1.5 inch radius) is not sturdy enough to support the bottles.  I have considered a chain and sprocket system.  I have even considered using children's building toys.  Any ideas?


Ah - that's the problem with designing and not seeing the full picture - If you want to snake then a chain or round belt is about the only DIY way the magnet on the jar is still workable though.

One way to do this statically if there is enough room is to put stepped shelves in your cupboard so the spice at the back stands higher - That way you can see and access them all

Or a v-belt! That way there is a flat surface to attach the magnet or whatever attachment system I use. OK. This is coming together. If it works I'll name it after you!

Pop rivet a big washer on would work and the jars could have a magnet glues onto them.

A good source of long rubber belting is a bike inner tube. They can be joined extremely well with super glue.

Sorry for being dense but I'm still confused. In your scenario, are the canisters upright, with the caps facing the ceiling? My original idea was for this conveyor system to be sitting on the base of the cabinet and it would snake around inside the cabinet. Are you suggesting something that would be on a wall? Ah ha! Light bulb. I think that is what you are saying. That's an interesting idea and I now see how the pop rivet and washer/magnet set up would work. As I look over at the cabinet though I realize the problem with that idea. The cabinet I was planning on using is not very "high" or "deep" There are only about 8 inches from floor to ceiling in this cabinet. That's why I wanted it to snake around the floor of the cabinet. Thanks again for your ideas though.

Easiest way I can think of is to use the space above the cupboard and down the side with a pulley and rubber belt set up you could store 100,s of small jars

A simple motor and push switch can rotate them round

Thanks for the quick reply Rick. How do I attach a platform to the rubber belt though? This is the same reason I decided a chain and sprocket wouldn't work. In my mind I almost need a rubber track or something that can be curved in the horizontal plane as apposed to the vertical. Unless there is some very very thick rubber belt that I am not thinking of.