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Loop formed? Answered

I have been having some trouble with the last stitch of the first row. It has been forming a gigantic loop when I transfer the stitch from the left needle to the right needle. I asked this person about it and she said that it is because I am stretching the yarn too much but when I tried again without stretching it the same problem occured. Do you have any idea of what I could be doing wrong?

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-07-07

When reversing your work to start a new row, it's common for the first stitch to pull and become larger because you're pulling on the working yarn UP (less friction against its neighbors) instead of to the side, what matters is that you fix it before moving on. After you make the first stitch, tug on your working yarn and distribute the tightness from the working stitch down below to the last stitch in the first row. Then continue knitting as normal. I hope that make sense and helps!

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