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Loosing 20kg???? Answered

Hi nice internet people. How may I loose 20 kg in about 2 weeks? I cannot diet or excessivley exercise due to uhm... health condition. Uhm. I would like it to be subtle, so not being ovious about it. I dont care if the weight loss effects my health in a minor way, but death is no good. Thanks!


It is generally acknowledged that a safe weight loss is around 500 gms a week about 1 lb. If you have health issues you really should go see your doctor before embarking on any diet or exercise regime.

There are 2 major ways to looses weight. - Eat fewer calories and do more exercise.   Of the 2 eating fewer calories is more effective although starving your body leads to your metabolism shutting down and weight loss reducing so you should aim to eat about 1500 calories for a woman per day and 2000 for a man per day with about 30 mins of moderate exercise per day.

1000 calories and 1500 calories would be considered a severely reduced diet.

Rapid weight loss is rarely advisable nor effective. If your time is restricted and you want to look slimmer, smarter then a careful choice of clothes is probably the best option. selecting the right pattern, shape and colour can make you look slimmer.

That's 44 lbs. The size of a normal 8-9 year old. I don't mean to be cruel but loosing that much in 2 weeks would probably result in death. Just not eating a single thing for 2 weeks you wouldn't loose that much.


7 years ago

Lemonie is onto something, giardia might be more available (at least in North America), but tapeworms might be less unpleasant.