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Lost In Translation ロスト·イン·トランスレーション Answered

I have taken it upon myself to translate one of my Instructables into Japanese. Has anyone else translated one of their 'ibles into another language? I would appreciate feedback (LINK). Here is my original Instructable (LINK).
I used Google Translate and feel that I had a pretty good interpreter, please share your experiences here.
Thank you,Tater.

P.S. I plan on translating more, based on your positive feedback.

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seamster (author)2014-10-07

This is an excellent idea. Very proactive and thoughtful approach to sharing your work. Definitely got my gears turning. Thanks!

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Tater Zoid (author)seamster2014-10-07

Thank you, I hope it translates well. Will this appear in the Japanese version of Instructables? I marked it as such.

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