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Lots of Drinking straws Answered

My mom threw away a bag of drinking straws (about 200-300 left) , they are wraped in paper, any ideas on what to do with them for a new Instructable or something. PS: took the picture last year and had nothing to do with it


You can sell them to other people dear. Then you can also use them for table decoration in birthday parties, wedding, events, functions etc.

with a balloon, one can make a "make shift voice box" with a modified drinking straw.


6 years ago

I was thinking about some sort of wind turbine or other powered device. I have about 50 bendy straws. They are kinda a use one and throw away thing, so I have a steady supply coming in. Arranged in a pinwheel so that one is always into the wind like a paddleboat wheel? Just off the top of my head. Not sue what to do with the air when it gets to the center... Maybe glue them to a paper plate and sandwich a bunch on a central pole. Thinking about stuffing them into the end of a pipe splayed out in all directions see what comes out the other end. With water you might try a variation of a drip irrigator? Just my 2 cents and 30 seconds.

You could try taping them all together, and seeing how faraway from the can you can drink a can of Cola from.

Build stuff.

Bridges, towers, cranes, figures.

Make several hundred small kites.

Try recreating a Jansen Strandbeest in miniature:

Basically, be creative

 That would be very cool to see a mini strandbeest!! (I see an instructable coming on...)

 Here is a leg picture i found


. What is the motive force for this thing? Are those windmills on the ends?

. OK. Thanks. Looked at a few of the videos and he has some very interesting stuff. If nothing else, they look tres kewl. :)

Wind on the bulk of the machine. Otherwise, you just push (or pull) it along. It's a neat idea, but it needs all those legs so that the motion is smooth enough that the wind will move it on it's own.

Yes - the idea is that they roam the beaches under "natural" power (the name means "beach animal"). Others have wings flapped by the wind, and some actually store wind energy as pressurised air in soda bottles, sort of pressure-capacitors - when they're full, the beast takes a couple of steps. Check YouTube for "Theo Jansen" and you'll see loads of copies of videos of his stuff, plus a few people making their own.

if you have a few that are slightly smaller in diameter than the others, you could make miniature pumps with them.

you can put homemade explosives in them and blow them to oblivion

one could make an "underwater fuse" casing with them.

lol or a really long barreled air gun

take 2 straws close one end on each one fill 1 with baking soda and 1 about 3/4 of the way with vinegar,and the other with some baking soda, put a piece of toilet paper ontop of the vinegar straw and then put the baking soda one on that, once you turn it upside down point it at somone and maybe it iwll shoot?


Heat seal one end of the straw (soldering iron? Curling tongs?)

Pour in a teaspoon of baking powder and tap it all the way down to the sealed end.

Bend the straw into a V, sealing the powder in the sealed end.

Add vinegar to the open end and seal the open end.

Wrap an elastic band around the folded straw to keep it folded and keep the vinegar & baking powder apart.


Remove the band and slip the straw somewhere awkward - into a friend's pocket, through the vent of a locker, through a keyhole into a locked room.

Maybe scatter a handful across the lunchroom floor.


I think we need to put a registration filter to deny access to kids younger than 16.

The rules are you must be 13...which he is. Plenty of people ask about what to do with stuff that they've got. For instance, there's one particular member who often posts asking for help about how to best use his stereo system.

Give the guy a break - it *is* an interesting question...

First thing which comes to mind is building some plastic plumbing. stick one straw into the end of the next. Wrap with tape. See how far you can get (200-300 straws = 200-300 feet?) run your plumbing from the upstairs sink down to the kitchen and see if you can get water through without any leaks.

Are these "bendy" straws? I imagine you could make a cool tree sculpture with linked straws. If you have 200 straws, link them together into 40 "long straws" of 5. Bundle them all together with a rubber band for the "trunk" of the tree (you can save some of the inside straws by replacing them with a cylinder in the trunk). At the second bend, bend half the straws in one direction, the other half in the opposite direction. Now you have two main branches - bunch each together with another rubber band. At the next bend, split the branch again into two or three smaller ones. Keep doing this until you've split all the straws into separate "twigs". If you want to get extra-fancy, alter the length of each straw to make the bends line up well. Try to make it organic looking.

Make hundreds of straw oboes (you'd get about three per straw) and dish them out to all the students at the school gates on the way in...

that would be funny but I'm a freshmen, and no one would do it anyway :(

I once did that in McDonalds - there were a load of kids in when I made one for my young son. They were cheeky enough to ask me to make oboes for them as well, so I made them for every kid in the group.

I slyly took the oboe off my own boy, then sat back and watched as, after about two minutes of loud tooting, the McClones threw the gang of kids out for being too rowdy... :-D

Vents for lost foam metal casting. Bushings for simple robotics, vandergraph generator or mouse-trap car. initial stage for a blow-pipe (old soldering torch). Pan-pipes. bubble pipe. Plastic for casting. Sell them as pea-shooters-including hygenic safty wrap and ammo. Structural tubing for small airplanes (glider, rubber-band power or RC). Two types of fuse-pipe (plastic and paper). Make tiny one-shot rockets out of the paper wrap, using the straw as the launcher (don't take the paper off-it's very difficult to 're-load'). home-made pixie sticks. Use heat to re-shape the plastic into thiner or wider forms. make tiny baking powder submarines. Fill the local pool with them and watch them bob up and down... um, use them to drink with?

I agree with Kiteman, for a test once, I had to come up with as many ways to use a pencil as possible in 2 minutes: most in my class came up 3 or 4, but if you think outside the box, you can do most anything. Everything from : cut into thirds or fourths, and then slit, they can be wire organizers (tracks) for thin wires; make pencil "covers/protectors"; to costume enhancements...tis only limited by your imagination.

how about the worlds most elobarate drinking straw. make it fancy