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Low hot water pressure Answered

I the past 4 months I have replaced the water heater, water softener, and the pressure tank. Everything was working fine until I developed a leak in a PVC elbow from the outside water supply As soon as that was replaced and I turned the wter supply back on my hot water pressure dropped to almost nothing in all of the faucets. I am thinking some scale got lodged in the outflow pipe from the water heater and I need to apply high pressure air from one of the faucets to force this out.


It sounds like you dislodged some gunk in the pipe and it has wedged it's self in the cold water inlet shutoff valve to your water heater. My suggestion would be to disconnect the elbow you repaired and get an adapter to a garden hose from before the elbow to the drain valve on your hot water heater. Then open the drain valve to blow out the line from the water heater back to the repaired elbow. Make sure you drain some water out of the tank before you hook up the hose incase their is a bunch of sediment in the tank.

Uh, what kind of pipes do you have in your house? We had steel ridgid and they were rusted on the inside we replaced them with pvc one weekend at a time everytime we replace a littlebit more the rust gets blown out of the other pipes and into our faucets and we have to clean them out! It is a mess, but we are slowly getting better water pressure