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Slowest set epoxy? need too much time to apply it. Answered

Hi, I need to glue an acrylic sheet over a wood maze, which size is around 12x24", so there would be a lot of line to apply the epoxy over it, I think it would take me around 15 minutes of even less I am fast and prepared for it, so I was thinking in using a slow set epoxy. Please any info or advice, how slow can a epoxy be? I would be glad with a 45 minute epoxy, but will it really dry until passed that time? thanks.


what about a faster method of applying epoxy? Like spreading a thin layer on a scrap board larger than the maze, and dipping the maze onto this all at once.

I used 90 minute epoxy for my CNC base and it take 24 h to cure. Its super clear and can be mixed with nearly every filling material. its quite fluid so everything should be sealed well. Thick layers can get really hot with the epoxy i used.


Solvent welding cement for acrylic.


UV cure.

Faster application method. Perhaps apply epoxy thinly to a sheet of scrap plywood, press this board against the maze, remove ply, and apply plexiglass. ,

If you want to use epoxy, there are plenty around (in the UK at least) with working times well beyond 45 minutes. With standard Araldite the parts are repositionable for 80 minutes and the joint won't be properly set for about 8 hours.

Why not use clear silicone instead?
Especially in dry cold wether it takes like forever to cure.
As for the epoxy, you can cheat : ;)
The activator needs to be present with a certain amount to fully cure.
But if you thin down the activator with a few ml of acetone or MEK (PVC plumbing primer) the curing time can be doubled.
Downside is that the mix becomes a bit thinner but for some applications that can be of benefit.

Another option that works really well is LOKA glue as used for repairs on smartphone displays or clear UV curing glue.
Put on the lines and place the sheet, once all looks good place in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes to cure it.