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Lowest wattage Possible Computer for "World Of Warcraft"? Answered


I am looking for a low power (watts) pc to play world of Warcraft 
I'm talking of a custom build computer


I'm into solar power and green energy I have 2 Solar panels 1 15 watt panel and 1 30 watt panel.
I like to play around and tweak computers
Aim: to get the lowest possible wattage computer to play world of Warcraft
What I need you to do:

Advise me on what components I need to buy example SSD hard drive

I'm afraid I'm on a budget at the moment as i only get paid £120 a month with £0 in the bank i can save up for a few months if required however.


Size is not a problem



Weight is not a problem




Best Answer 6 years ago

The Wattage of the computer has almost nothing to do with it's processing power or ability to play any game.

You need to find the min. requirements published for the game and let that be your guide.

+1. The box and/or manual will say what the minimum requirements are for processor speed, memory, video, disk, and anything else which they think will be important. You need a machine which meets or beats those requirements.

If it beats them by a lot, some games become a lot more responsive. For others, it doesn't make much difference.

Ebuyer will show you the best deals at present. On £120 playing warcraft may be the last thing you should worry about - earning more money may be a better option.

You may not be able to afford this project, then.

Look for a good used laptop. I occasionally see machines offered on Freecycle in my area, as people upgrade. They may not be fast enough for this game, or they may be; I don't play it so I have no opinion.

OK I just looked at your profile. Firstly congratulations on a very clear question. I guess your best bet is to look for a laptop that will run the game as you require and arrange the solar panels to charge the battery .

Having said that Solar output is very variable in the UK and you most likely won't get enough sunshine on most days to fully recharge a well used PC.

You could look at building a manual peddled re-charger connect a set of bike peddles to a generator and peddle as you play - Not just Green but good exercise as well.

what realm do you play on??

FWIW, the lowest wattage computer will *usually* be one designed to run off batteries -- meaning a laptop or similar. Mine, for example, uses a 90W power brick -- and that's allowing for it possibly powering USB-attached peripherals and running the DVD burner and running its own screen at full brightness and running processor and hard disk at full speed and pumping bits across the network and... And it's not a particularly low-power machine by today's standards; it's almost a decade old.

You're going to have to work very hard to match a laptop's power-to-performance ration in a homebrew. Laptops, because they know what's inside the box, can be designed to eliminate hardware that a more configurable machine would need, and save power as a result. There are probably cards which will do it, but I'd bet they don't have slots for daughter cards, don't have internal drivers for a floppy disk (plug in a USB-attached drive if you need one), and so on for exactly the same reasons: less hardware, less power needed.

You can have configuability, you can have performance, you can have power efficiency, you can have affordability. Don't expect them all in one box.

I forgot to mention that i will be useing a 1080p monitor