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Lucid Dreaming Answered

Google it. Try and control your dreams? I'm gunna try it, sounds cool and awesome, gunna do it right now, if it works I'll right an instructable. Going to bed now, nighty night! I know this is my 3rd topic today, but I just had to post this cause it's cool!


Yes! I want to dream of far away lands, dragons, swords adventure, and ELVISH FEMALES!!

. I wonder what is it that actually dreams? What part of consciousness seems to "break-off" from the physical and go roaming around? At least that is how I appears. Some people are able to see, or at least they report that they can see their physical form from a distance. My mother reported that experience just shortly before she died. I wonder if some how a mental or "thought-like" form is, while still in the shape of the physical, having eyes, hands, feet etc, still able to see with those "thought-shaped" eyes. this is an area that is so interesting to investigate. As has been said before we are held back by what we believe or even fear. we believe what our culture or religion has told us. Until we investigate we won't know. We don't realize we've been mislead by a preconception until it weakens, gets shaky or falls apart. Then we may see the truth, that there is no death. .

well, supposedly dreaming is randomly fired neutrons and then you brain try's to make sense of the signal so then it's all messed up.

Dreaming is the processing of your short-term memories (stored in sections of the brain on the sides of your head, and I know its called "seahorse" in latin...) from the last few days and storing the important parts.

what i've been told dreams, no matter whos in there are always about ones self. There like encrypted messages (sort of) from your subconsious self on like problems your trying to deal with or should deal with. that is according to a teacher i have, which i can find believable, with a slightly different view though, which i won't go into.

They are normally about one's self. But there are two ways people dream: one is where they are "in the story" experiencing the drama, and the other is where they are "watching it from a slight distance", as if watching from a window.

. In the Buddhist wisdom traditions of Tibet it is said that the dream you have at night is the "sample" dream, whereas this daily living experience is the "real" dream.. .

"One night I believe I dreamed that I was a butterfly, and when I awoke, could not determine if I was a man that had dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he is a man." That is not a word for word quote, but it is the essence of it. Have you read this? :-)

. I have heard that story and I think you are very close. Not sure of the source. I would also like to say that it is very easy to make conjectures about the nature of thinking or thoughts. There is no proof that thoughts originate in the physical organ. Not to say they don't go through there but where do they come from. We don't even know what they are, let alone what they do. Guesswork. It is also the case that, using technical words, concepts and so on, we create the illusion of knowledge. Fundamentally, from the point of view of higher insight or wisdom, all knowledge is ignorance and is empty are of our thoughts or preconceptions about any given "thing". Or, maybe not. .

There is no proof that thoughts originate in the physical organ.

Oh I wouldn't say that :-) Electronically stimulating the "organ" (brain) itself "stimulates" thoughts, memories, etc. Removing parts of the physical brain, deplete it's function, and can actually remove thoughts/memories.

BTW: it was Chuang-Tzu that had "that dream"

Yes, It was Chunk-Tau as you say. On the other topic then, is that your final observation ? The "conclusions" of others? End of discussion?

No, not really, I just wouldn't make a "set in concrete" statement that the electrochemical that appear to either create or are the result of, thought, are not part of the thought process. Everything has it's place, and if it does not, soon fades away.

Ok, good response, thanks. I went to your blog and I see that you are a scientist by profession. Nice blog. I did not mean to make a "set in concrete" statement. Just the opposite in fact. you said "Everything has it's place, and if it does not, soon fades away. " I agree and would say that it looks as though even the things that have places don't have much duration either.

Most duration is measured relatively, for sure. :-) What is an instant to someone 100 years old is forever to the 1 year old. But there are things, er, maybe "energies", that endure. We just don't get to see for how long sometimes. When we witness a super nova of a star, for instance, the occurrence was long before man walked the earth. The "record" of the occurrence goes on for a long time however. :-)

No problem, I had completely forgotten that I had quickly set that up right after getting my Current ISP, and then promptly forgot about it ( the price, and sometimes benefits of getting older :-)

yes, I understand, with me I am not just getting, old I am there. 67 next month. The down side is obvious but the best part is I forgot what i was worrying about ...ten minutes ago..ha ha.

It could also be explained that way : - exactly like everything in the universe, the brain is looking for an equilibrium (emotional and intellectual) - during your sleep, your brain tries to find this equilibrium by trying to achieve unachieved thought and reasonings, by trying to solve unsolved problems, which are all a source of emotional and intellectual "instability". In few words : unsolved problems keep your brain active during your sleep. On the other hand, I've experienced some very strange dreams in which "someone" gave me explanations or solutions to some big problems that I was unable to find by myself. In other words : How could my sleeping brain be smarter than me ??

I just almost fully remembered a dream, it went something like this: I was link (from zelda) and I was vaguely in my house. In the basement was a church, and at night these monsters came out there and you had to spend the night in a (about) 6foot by 4 foot little sanctuary. THere were potions there, but then I remembered I took them from the nights before dream, so they wern't there. For some reason snape and ron was there (harry potter). Later I was myself, at a solar boat race (random), tournament style. nI won the first round against some other guy, but I got disqualified the second round for some dumb not my fault reason (judge said I modified my boat inbetween rounds). Later in my room was som guy explaining something about this one program that had a black background and had text on it (like those old programs) and saying how it took up half the space as a Word Document (random?). Then someone made potstickers in my room (maybe my dad?) and was uploading them into the computer so that it could be downloaded into the kitchen. I tried doing a reality check, but I couldn't figure it out. I just brought the botstickers downstairs into the kitchen (I was link again swinging on a vine), but I slammed into a wall and I woke up. it was 11:30. Good ole weekends, I olve sleeping in. I tried the reality check, but it didnn't work. This is one of the most in detailed dreams I've ever remembered. I learned about lucid dreaming on march 14 I had my first really vague dream that I could remember (for a long time) on on st patriks day eve (I was some sort of miner in a 20 foot deep hole with my brother, and pokemon were in there for some reason) today I almost had a lucid dream that I could remember everything of. the door to the sfe spot in the church had 9 bars going up and down, made out of wood, and the door went up to about waste level. it was hinged on the left. There was a piano (organ?) inside the room, and there were lots of shelves.

oh, and my dream was in 3rd person in most of the time (I could see myself (link) doing all of thise). Like in gears of war, that point of view. Or the view in zelda games (recent ones). In someplaces it was 1st person though.

Question: Is it possible (I'm not accusing you understand) that dreaming about being gaming characters means you might be "gaming" too much :-)

lol I can always control my dreams where I am, what I'm doing, what is going to happen, etc. sometimes it's 1st person, sometimes it's 3rd person if I want to wake up, I just wake up! :P

lol strange i was just talking about this in another forum. Trust me it doesn't happen the first night. From what i read you are to record your dreams as soon as you wake up even if during the middle of the night. It stinks though I had one not too long ago and I tried thinking up so many things I could do right now. I had a hard time though because I couldn't focus enough and eventually I lost it and woke up. I remember when I was a little kid I would lucid dream so much but the only thing I knew how to do was wake up at will incase I had a bad dream. I never knew I could actually control it.

It's actually quite easy to achieve, it's when you're waking up, you have a nice oppurtunity then, practice from there and eventually you can do it when you want, however as a warning having nightmares while you're awake is one of the most horrifying experiences you can have, it's in the same category as a bad trip I'd say, that and if you've not slept it can become hard to distuingish between them and reality another odd side effect is that some music will start going faster and faster in a strange way, thats the point when you snap completely and go nuts for a while then go to bed, but the payoff is that you see everything in a different light and have good ideas which you remember for later. Also if you lack sleep be careful of the occasionally adrenaline rushes that come at completely inappropriate times. Yes I operate on a 32-49hr day mostly it's 5:27 AM here, I have alot of time on my hands due to this, oddly it's hard to put to use as there's nobody to do anything with in person and one of my eyebrows is a little out of control, same thing happens when I dirnk i instinctively raise an eyebrow to everything, great for poker though, people assume its a tell...

I'm not exactly sure myself, I assume that's what is happening when it does, it's a wierd thing and since I'm not a scientist of the concious and unconcious mind I can't explain at all, something wierds happening now though... if I have one I'll try and write down whats happening, it's really quite distressing, you know the completely out of control feeling you get when the world is really making no sense to you, I feel like that most of the time, but when I have the 'awake nightmares' it's like well I don't know, something else, like a perspective explosion or something, generally do have some control over whats going on when they happen, enough to lie down and go completely insane for a while, followed by feeling really refreshed, whether I sleep or not...

Ah I remember having a short "start" where I was cuddling with my (then to be future) wife, and must have started to spontaneously doze for the next thing I am shaking from seeing a rather large python on my dresser drawers, across the room. Not fun

the only thing close to having a nightmare while awake ever for me is this: It's like 4 am, I wake up, I know I'm awake, but you kinda hallucinate, I know I'm not sleeping, but I'm dreaming while I'm awake that I'm at a football game or something with my friends. I don't want to fall asleep bewcause I'm there, but I know I'm awak. That's how you lose a lot of sleep.

Hmm I think you've been playing tetris on no sleep, the same thing happens to me when I play a game too much or have been up for wayyy to long, the worst is guitar hero, each time is blinked I saw the dots and notes flying towards me, this really confused me....

nah, I havn't played tetris for like 2 years, it was just fagually like tetris cause thath's the only think that is similar, everything was black so I couldn't tell, like a blob or something, lol

Ah right that was just a guess, on the upside these problems have their advantages aswell, I got trapped in Halo for a month of lucid dreams, result: I am unstoppable at stuff like laser tag. Maybe it was something else then, your brain works differently while you're sleeping etc. so you might have made a random connection with tetris...

I know what you mean about guitar hero though, like one time I went on like a one hour zoo keeper streak (how extreme!) and whenever I blinked I could still see animals.

lol it's interesting, I really want to come up with a system for controlling the computer on the guitar to play music, I have a rough Idea how I'd make the note sets, grantd I'd probably leave the fifth button as another control from making nots as 24notes and a 'set changer' idea appeals more to me...

It tends to work better in the afternoon, when you're not quite as tired.

any one ever had a prophetic dream? that is, one that you clearly remember then like a week later it happens.

I have had a similar experience to killerjackelope, except I could'nt move for 3 hours

Its weird - I rarely ever dream. Maybe once every two months. Does this mean anything? Is it abnormal? Thanks

Everyone dreams, it's just if you can remember it or not.

By writing down or recording the parts of your dreams you remember when you first wake up, that "teaches" your brain to remember your dreams better. Sweet dreams :) lol

Not true: just because you LD doesn't mean you'll remember it

This is true, if you don't, at some point, wake while dreaming, you won't remember it.

According to tested results, you do not remember a dream if you do not wake before it ends. Therefor, you do dream, but just do not remember them. REM sleep is very important to the cycle of sleep.

remind yourself that you want to dream before you fall asleep.

gunna try it tonight, goodnight! Trial number 2, I think I woke up in the middle of the night yesterday, but I was so lazy I went back to bed that I didn't right it down. I dunno what my dream was.


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tip, vitamin b-12 and a little caffeine like a small cup of tea before bed helps you have more detailed dreams.