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Lumi Workshop at Instructables Answered

On Thursday (September 19th) this week, Jesse from Lumi came by and gave a workshop on how to use Inkodye.

We got to try it out ourselves and see how this stuff works first hand!  We had a great time picking out our designs and messing around with the dye.  We even found out they have an app so you can make all kinds of personalized designs!

They have already shared projects with the Instructables community.  If you haven't already, make sure you check out their Instructables!

You can follow along with the workshop video here!

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solitary man (author)2013-09-29

Wow, great art and looks like a lot of fun!

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Kiteman (author)2013-09-21

Hehe, my first thought for the first photo was "And now, class..."


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rimar2000 (author)2013-09-21