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Luminodot: Next Gen Lite Brite Answered

The humble Lite-Brite has long been overdue for a modern reboot. We made our own Giant Lite-Brite, but Bandai is now coming out with the Luminodot which has a 70x50 grid, closely packed lights, and the ability to animate the backlight. The cost is $100 and sadly it's only available in Japan.



Lite brite, I think I used mine once, pushing the pegs in was hard enough, getting them out? IMPOSSIBLE!! If I was going to spend my time blistering my thumbs on a toy, I chose micronauts (most awesomest toy ever)

Ok, a rose by any other name is still a rose....LOL

I understand what you mean though.

So, there is no modern version with a microcontroller ? Thats kind of sad. They would be even more useful as it were.

Yes...I was wondering if there was a modern version with them included?

My lite bright I took the light out off it and the cord and use the game kurpunk to make a lamp

Lite Brite!! That's what they were called. I found some of the little plastic pieces in my Gramma's sewing kit when my mother gave it to me a couple of weeks ago. I remembered playing with it but that was it. I wonder how bright the Luminodot is. it would be an interesting light to wake up to. :)